The Space Issue

An Introduction

Graphic Clement Liu

All Space content is available on our Special Issue Microsite. Works best on Chrome or Firefox.

Space is somewhat of a vague topic.

For many of us, the word calls to mind outer space. But what about space that’s closer to home? In our everyday lives, space can mean something physical, but it can also be something that you can’t simply reach out and touch. We aren’t always aware of the space around us, but when it disappears it can feel like there’s something missing.

Whether it’s a mountain we don’t know very much about, or an old building that has been transformed, space is tied to our understanding of the world and our place in it. Whether big- or small-scale, space can represent anything from personal space to discovering a new place to buy a used book.

This special issue is a first for The Link; for the first time, we’ve created a web-only experience that allows us to expand into the ever-changing online space that has become a major part of our identity.

How and why are we changing, using—or in some cases, destroying—the space we have in our city? Read on to find out.

-Erin Sparks and Katie McGroarty, Space Issue Coordinators