The Education Issue

Reimagining, Restructuring, Rebuilding

Photo Erin Sparks

Now that the dust has settled after the storm of student protests, the issue of accessibility has receded from the spotlight somewhat.

The debates surrounding education no longer have to centre on funding. With the summit on higher education looming in our future, it’s time to talk about the bigger ideas—ideas that will eventually shape our society.

Change is coming fast, but the details of how, when and where are still foggy.

Turn to page 4 to find out what we have to do to fill universities. Page 8 will tell you what some of ConU’s brightest minds think about our
future. And what is our president’s plan to get there? Find out on page 6.

While it’s impossible to predict the innovations to come, the traditions that have guided universities through the centuries need to hold firm while still finding ways to negotiate the changing tides in education.

—Hilary Sinclair & Julia Wolfe
Education Issue Coordinators