Sir George, Where Art Thou Space?

The Hall building’s mezzanine and lobby were gathering spots for students until Tim Hortons and leather couches displaced them. Could the Student Union Building save student space?

Referendum Question

Do you approve to increase the Union Building Fund component (currently at $2.00 per credit) of the Concordia Student Union membership fees each Fall, Winter and Summer semester incrementally by 50 cent per credit over five semesters, beginning in the Winter 2010 semester and ending in the Summer 2012, whereas the fees will be collected in accordance with university tuition and refund policy?

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The Above is a campaign poster made by students-at-large who don’t agree with the upcoming fee levy increase. You didn’t see these posters hanging up around campus because this poster and this campaign was deemed unofficial.

Why was this NO campaign unofficial?

Because they weren’t aware that in order to express their views, they had to register them with the Chief Electoral Officer. This happened either because they were negligent people, or they were not properly informed about the deadline to register their campaign. Maybe they didn’t even know there was deadline in the first place.

Or perhaps, they didn’t even know they had to register.

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 15, published November 23, 2010.