Revamped CSU Website to Include Map of Gender Neutral Washrooms

Dropdown Menu with Complete List to Launch in November

The CSU’s revamped website will include a map of gender neutral washrooms around campus. Photo Brian Lapuz

The Concordia Student Union is set to launch their newly revamped website that will include a map of the locations of gender neutral washrooms on campus within the next two months.

Towards the end of her term, former CSU sustainability coordinator Lana Galbraith proposed the idea of an app that would locate gender neutral washrooms on campus. The idea was put on hold during the summer.

Current CSU sustainability coordinator Devon Ellis-Durity picked up on this idea and spoke with the CSU’s executive team in June. They have since decided to go forward with the idea of adding a drop down menu to the website that will include, amongst other things, a list of all gender neutral washrooms on campus.

The website has been redesigned to be more mobile-friendly since this summer, and is set to launch in mid-November. Ellis-Durity explained that those who do not have their own cellphone or computer can access the website using computers located around campus.

There are currently over 100 single-stall washrooms on campus, located in every building.

Ellis-Durity added that the addition of the map to the CSU’s website will make it “much easier for individuals to locate all of the gender neutral bathrooms on campus.”

A list of the locations of gender neutral washrooms is currently only available on the Centre for Gender Advocacy website as a PDF.

“There will always be negative comments with anything people do. However, I believe that the sea of positive feedback will most certainly outweigh the negative comments,” Ellis-Durity said. “Since these washrooms do already exist, we are just making it more accessible for individuals to find them.”

Syranda Raffoul, outgoing financial coordinator of Queer Concordia, said that this is only the first step in giving the gender nonconforming and transgender communities better access to facilities at the school.

“I can tell you that location of gender neutral bathrooms has been unnecessarily difficult for those Concordians who need access to them,” says Raffoul. “They still need to create more gender neutral bathrooms for them to use in the first place.”