President of CONMUN Impeached, Denies Move’s Legitimacy

A vote to impeach the Concordia Model United Nations (CONMUN) President passed at a closed general assembly on Thursday night.

The basis behind President Nathanael Dagane’s impeachment was that, according to the ruling at the GA, he did not respect certain parts of the group’s constitution. The move was unprecedented.

In a statement that he posted in the CONMUN Facebook group, Dagane expressed his stark opposition to the impeachment and declared that he plans to “contest any outcome.”

He also proclaimed that the “General Assembly has absolutely no legitimacy,” and even went as far as to call it a “farce.”

There are no formal trial procedures laid out in the group’s by-laws, so the decision was made purely through a democratic process. The vote to have him impeached was unanimous with 39 in favor.

Dagane was not present at the General Assembly, nor was there any one there to speak in his defense.

He expressed discontent in his statement, and claimed that the GA “lacks any kind of proper notice.”

During his time as president, Dagane pushed for CONMUN to become one of Concordia’s many fee-levy groups.

There is some tension among members concerning unpaid debts that are owed to students who originally helped fund the club before it became fee-levy.

Despite a contrary sentiment at the General Assembly, Dagane denied the validity of the accusations.

“Please note that these allegations are false and defamatory to my character,” he wrote in a statement. “I certainly will plan to address those who are making them in due course.”

Despite the vote to remove him as president, Dagane is still considered to be a member of the group.