Photo Essay: Solidarity with Chile Protest

Photos and Video From Wednesday’s Protest

Hundreds of protesters gathered Wednesday evening in front of the Chilean embassy in Montreal to show support for the Chilean people during the current crisis. Protesters demand the resignation of Chilean President Sebastián Piñera. Photo Esteban Cuevas
“We are supporting the Chilean people that decided to do a civil rebellion due to the great injustices and inequalities that have been endured for more than thirty years,” said Maria Luisa, organizer and spokesperson for Chile Despertó (Chile Woke Up). “The people have had enough!” Photo Philippe Champagne
Protesters chant in front of the Chilean embassy. They are holding a Mapuche indigenous flag— a symbol often used by those who fight for Chile’s indigenous people’s rights. Photo Esteban Cuevas
Chilean woman holds signs towards the drivers on Sherbrook St. Protests are ongoing in Chile, in addition to Chileans protesting in solidarity across the globe for the past 10 days. Photo Philippe Champagne
“We have been asking for these things for many years and the people finally woke up. We hope we’ll be able to get what we ask. Especially for the pensions, the health sector, a dignified level of education, better wages and that the Chilean government will stop stealing from the people,” said Eduardo Lopez while wearing the Chilean flag. Lopez was in Chile three days prior to the demonstration. “The situation is really difficult. The military is abusing its power. People have died. Some demonstrations are peaceful. Some are violent.” Photo Philippe Champagne
A protester holds a sign with the words: “Water is not sold, it’s protected.” Chilean President Sebastián Piñera’s government has been criticized for the privatization of water. Photo Esteban Cuevas
Hundreds of protesters marched in downtown after gathering in front of the Chilean embassy. Chants and percussions could be heard some blocks away. Photo Esteban Cuevas

On Wednesday night, hundreds protested in solidarity with the Chilean people. Photo Editor Esteban Cuevas as well as contributor Philippe Champagne took photos and video of the protest.