No War on Iran

Israel’s recent attack on Gaza is not simply an isolated regional issue; instead it is the embodiment of an oppressive foreign policy, which uses military might to punish all nations who dare question western hegemony in the Middle East and around the world.
Such a violent and murderous policy can also be found in the current treatment and depiction of Iran. Deceptively being framed as an issue over nuclear capabilities, the current conflict in Iran is but another example of the use of violence and hypocrisy in order to maintain and control power in the Middle East.  

This summer, as fear mongering about nuclear weapons was reaching its height, the Harper government expelled Iranian diplomats from Ottawa–a move usually reserved for the overtures of war. It certainly did nothing to help bring about a peaceful solution–Canada now has no conceivable way of negotiating with Iran, except in larger international talks, though it seems to have no interest in doing so. Our government has also repeatedly pledged to stand behind Israel, no matter what the circumstances–including, quite possibly, an unprovoked attack.

The United States, meanwhile, which Israel expects to be its main backup if it chooses to attack the perceived “threat,” has opted for a program of harsh international sanctions.  These restrictions on trade and imports are intended to make the government more willing to comply, or else turn the people against the government.  The reality is that these sanctions are having disastrous effects on the Iranian people, causing a shortage in rudimentary drug supplies needed by millions, as well as severe food shortages and inflation.

Whereas Iran is a signatory to both the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Non-Proliferation Treaty, two internationally respected agencies concerning the control of nuclear armament, Israel is a signatory to neither. Furthermore, international inspectors routinely investigate Iran’s nuclear capabilities, yet are not even allowed into Israeli nuclear facilities. Such a double standard demonstrates that this is not a conflict concerning the dangers of nuclear weaponry. Instead, it is once again related to Western domination over sovereign states. Historically, military intervention has never proven to be a solution. Positive change can only come from the Iranian people themselves.

Join Anti-War Efforts Concordia on Nov. 29 at 1:00 p.m. in front of the Hall building, in protest against arbitrary sanctions and double standard foreign policy.
—Gabriel Velasco, BA School of Community and Public Affairs

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