Nick Santella for ASFA VP Communications

The first time I met Nick Santella, I noticed he was very knowledgeable with respect to modern web tools. He was using Joomla and every other social network to the fullest capacity in marketing his own projects.

Not only this, but I was highly impressed when we got on the topic of his website. After he showed me what he was capable of creating, the impression I had was one of excellence and professionalism.

This was the general vibe I got from Santella the more I hung out with him. I could see from this moment on that he was extremely enthusiastic about getting his personal projects out to the world.

Not only is Santella perfect for the Arts and Science Federation of Associations’ VP Communications position, but I truly believe that he will not disappoint.

Rather, he will excel, and by this I mean in any field he decides to apply himself to.

Make no mistake, his techniques and background will be of great use to ASFA and the students of Concordia.

All in all, Nick is no doubt the best candidate for VP Communications

—Charles Bourassa
BA Philosophy,
BA Western Society & Culture

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