Motionball’s Marathon of Sport returns to Stingers Dome

The event is a learning opportunity while raising funds for Special Olympics athlete

Participants at last year’s Marathon of Sport pose with their Q-tip hockey stick. Courtesy motionball Concordia

On March 30, motionball Concorda will return to the Stingers Dome to host its third annual Marathon of Sport—a fundraiser for Special Olympics athletes.

Since 2022, the non-profit organization has raised nearly $20,000. All proceeds will go towards Special Olympics Quebec and Special Olympics Canada.

“It goes towards funding equipment, renting gyms, open swimming, towards funding their training, as well,” said Chelsea Morgan, a student in athletic therapy and the event director at motionball Concordia.

During the event, participants can meet Special Olympics athletes and play several team activities, organized in stations around the field. Soccer, bocce ball, flag football, touch football and benchball, have all been games played in past Marathon of Sport.

Morgan added they’ve also had Q-tip hockey—where participants play with a giant stick with foam on the end and a volleyball. 

Morgan, who is in her third year with motionball, said her involvement with the organization is important to her because of her sister who has special needs.

“Wanting to promote Special Olympic athletes is super big, because I always think back to my sister, and I think, ‘She would love this’ or ‘I want her to be able to participate,” said Morgan. “I just think that for me, the biggest importance is teaching and recognizing the language that we use with adults with special needs.”

Among other activities, motionball’s No Good Way initiative will also have a kiosk. No Good Way also aims to spread awareness about the harmful impacts of using the r-word in daily life. Participants will be encouraged to sign a pledge to never use the word.

“It's also going to be a station for discussion,” said Morgan. “So a little bit more of a chance for athletes to be like, ‘Hey, when you guys say this, it hurts me’ and to talk about it with them.”

This year, Morgan said the goal is to raise $10,000. Raffle prizes will also be given away during the event. Anyone who wishes to participate in motionball’s Marathon of Sport can sign up as an individual or as a group on motionball’s website—more information can be found on their Instagram account.