Meet the Beatles, Music’s Best Unknown Band

Why Is No One Talking About These Liverpool Lads?

Don’t sleep on the Beatles’ music, there is something for everyone! Graphic Breea Kobernick

OK, so I’m not a pop music buff. I’m not always up on the latest trends and artists. But I think I’ve found a gem of a band that, for some reason, no one is talking about.

They are this quaint little English four-man band. They’ve got a really cool, simple, fun sound and music that’s really about peace and love (with maybe a little bit of psychedelic fun mixed in as well).

Though I do have to say, their name, the Beatles, leaves a bit to be desired. I guess I’m just not a fan of animal-style names. They just feel kind of uninspired and boring. Also, what’s the point of the misspelling?

But back to this band. How are more people not talking about them?

I’ve had their songs playing through my head for days non-stop. It feels like these guys are a group that have finally found a sound that people have been chasing forever. I could go on and on just talking about how unique they are.

I think this is a group that could be really big. If they keep up this momentum with songs like “Love Me Do” and “Revolution,” I could see them at festivals like Osheaga in a few years.

There’s a lot of talent in the quartet. But if I had to single one member out, their drummer, Ringo Starr, feels like a one-man wonder in the making.

That’s eventually, though. I mean they’re great, don’t get me wrong, but they’re not in The Black Keys territory yet. There are plenty of good groups that just haven’t had real staying power. That’s going to be the big test for this Liverpool band.

The peace and love message is great, but I do have to say that sometimes they can be a little preachy. It’s tough for them to speak like they have some kind of global authority, regardless of their obvious talent. So that’s another thing they’ll have to watch out for as their profile grows.

If they can get their music to a bit of a wider audience, I think we could be seeing the emergence of a really cool group.

They’ve got a pretty wide range of songs and styles that can appeal to different people. With the versatility they have, I’m even more confused why these guys are so obscure right now.

They should be names you see around online or on lists of big up-and-comers. OK, maybe they’re not at a point where they can sell out stadiums. I’m not saying they’ll have fans screaming so loud you can’t hear the music, but I’m just perplexed as to the lack of attention these guys are getting right now.

How has no one told me about them before?

There’s a lot of talent in the quartet. But if I had to single one member out, their drummer, Ringo Starr, feels like a one-man wonder in the making. His voice and drum work really are the standouts of the band. I think if one Beatle is going to make an impact, it’s certainly him.

We could use a little bit more of this joyful, fun music in our lives right now. If you haven’t yet, I’d say get digging and try to find some of the Beatles’ songs online. You won’t regret it. I’d say in a few years, these guys will make a bit of a name for themselves, and getting on the train early might not be too bad of an idea.