What’s Up With the Posters, ABC?

I have been following the Concordia Student Union elections closely over the last few days and have noticed a few things.

I am a third-year student and have seen a few CSU campaigns in my time at Concordia, and this year’s strikes me as a bit strange. Though I am not directly involved in student politics, I have always tried to keep informed about what is happening on campus.

I know that teams are allowed to begin campaigning midnight on Monday, and both teams have always been there, ready to put up their posters.

Though I have heard that the rules changed a bit with regards to “Poster Night,” I still find it odd that one of the teams, A Better Concordia , did not have any posters up until Thursday night. I honestly didn’t see them until I got to school on Friday.

I am simply wondering why the delay, since I would assume campaigning had been prepared for weeks before the actual official starting date.

How can a team of executives be trusted to manage tens of thousands of dollars of student money that is the CSU budget without being able to plan in advance of deadlines?

To me, this shows a lack of preparation.

In the student papers, A Better Concordia’s Schubert Laforest commented on the fact that they were running an “incremental” campaign, implying the campaign will build upon something, and was wondering what exactly this meant, seeing as there has not exactly been a campaign to this point.

What exactly was being built upon?

Maybe there are good reasons for this and I am simply asking for a bit of clarification.

Either way, as a student, this worries me a bit and calls into question the team’s ability to manage the CSU. The reason I would like these specific answers from A Better Concordia is that I think all students should be thinking critically about the elections and carefully examining all actions of both teams.

This transparency and further honesty is something that I expect from both teams, and would like to see more of throughout this CSU elections campaign in general.

—David Roaldi
BA Philosophy

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