Hotchkiss for President

I am writing to lend my most heartfelt support to Melanie Hotchkiss in her epic quest to become the next Concordia Student Union president. I had the honor of meeting Melanie a couple years ago on Arts and Science Federation of Associations Council where she taught me much of what I know today about the world of student politics.

Melanie is an incredibly thorough, professional and hardworking person with a strong, innate sense of integrity. Her working knowledge of the law was crucial to the Math and Statistics Students’ Association when we had it accredited by the government.

Although Melanie and I are friends, she has never missed out on an opportunity to put me in my place when we sat together on CSU Council, and I am grateful to her for that. Her many years of experience will serve her well as president of the CSU.

—Bruno Joyal
Former CSU councillor

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