I have to say I’ve never been more inspired before than I am by A Better Concordia’s behaviour during the Concordia Student Union Elections.

Despite having a Chief Electoral Officer that unfairly disqualified them, without evidence. Losing days of campaigning because they were forced to deal with paper work and proving their student status.

They have remained positive and continued to reach out to students about what a better Concordia can look like. In particular Schubert LaForest is very inspiring and genuine, he doesn’t covet the CSU Presidency like some people who seem to have been running since they registered for their first classes at Concordia.

LaForest understands the challenges and hardships all students face, in particular the often not represented international students. On March 20, 21 and 22.

I plan on voting for A Better Concordia and I encourage you to as well!

Philip Kligman

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