Cameron Could Be

Concordia is once again caught in the whirlwind of excitement, mobilization, and involvement that is the student union elections.

You’ll notice that the system has been changed this year; instead of a large slate composed of councillors and executives, we’ve not got the executives on a slate, and the councillors running individually.

This system is new and refreshing, but it will also require students to be more aware and less apathetic about whom they vote for. Getting to know the candidates is the best way to do this, hence why I’m writing this letter.

I’ve had the pleasure to know Cameron Monagle now for two years. He has not only been a friend to me, but also a coworker. So not only do I know that he is a great, loyal and genuinely pleasant guy to be friends with, but that he is hard-working, persistent and fully dedicated to anything he puts his mind to.

He is the type of guy to forego regular human necessities (e.g. sleep, food, etc.), leading many to believe he might not be human.

But let me assure you, potential voters, his heart of gold proves his humanity.

I believe Cameron’s experiences here at Concordia make him highly qualified for this position. He worked in Residence Life here at Concordia, where he has organized the logistics and helped coordinate many large-scale events involving Concordia affiliates and outside organizations.

He also currently sits on the Concordia Student Union as an Arts and Science Federation of Associations councillor, and has demonstrated he dedication to the CSU through his involvement in committees and events.

He also sits on the Board of Governors where he has never been one to shy away from a point that he is passionate about, no matter how contentious it might be.

Through these experiences I feel he has really gotten to know not just the students here at Concordia, but also many of the services and faculty. His work ethic is consistent and always on the right track, and this has been put to the test time and time again.

So this election period I will be supporting Concordia Could Be and Cameron Monagle.

Please take the time to go online, read the posters and the student newspapers and get informed. And finally, once election time rolls around make sure to take the opportunity to have your voice heard.

—Jacob Dobias
BA Political Science

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