Letter: Vote Yes for QPIRG

I’m writing to make an appeal to my fellow Concordia students, especially those who, like me, want to link classroom learning with the real world.

I’ve recently gotten more involved with the group QPIRG Concordia, a social justice center on campus that initiates and supports so many useful projects and campaigns, like the School Schmool agenda, an Alternative Resource Library, 30 working groups, as well as taking important political stances like the recent protest in support of Concordia professor Homa Hoodfar.

I support QPIRG Concordia for the opportunity to make real community-campus links, and provide mentorship, jobs and support for students seeking to make an impact in the community. It’s been roughly a decade since QPIRG Concordia has asked undergraduate students, its main source of income, for a fee levy increase. In the upcoming CSU by-elections, the research group will ask for a modest increase to continue another decade of amazing work.

and I encourage my fellow Concordians to support them again this fall. Vote yes to QPIRG Concordia on Nov. 15-17!

­—Camille Thompson