Letter: Vote for Christina Massaro

As an Arts and Science Federation of Associations councillor for three years, I have monitored the behaviours of the ASFA executives, assisted them in several committees and reviewed and edited their constitution.

Working alongside Christina Massaro while she was the Vice-President Finance of Concordia Undergraduate Psychology Association, witnessing her efforts and triumphs in ASFA’s Finance Committee and ASFA’s VP Finance, her hard work ethic, countless hours and dedication to the students speaks for itself; it proves that without a doubt she is the most qualified candidate for the position.

The previous year, CUPA was not granted sufficient funding from ASFA. Massaro was assigned to attain additional external funding; and she noteworthily expanded CUPA’s budget by 50 per cent from approximately $10,000 to $15,000. Allowing CUPA to successfully carry out events awarding CUPA as “ASFA’s Most Active Member Association,” and granting nationwide recognition in the CPA-Canada Psychology Association journal.

Numerous members within ASFA have issues spending their own money for events and waiting to get reimbursed upwards of $1,000 on their credit cards. Individual member association bank accounts solves this issue, allowing students to pay for their initiatives without using their own personal funds or gaining interest on their credit cards. Massaro has been working on MA bank accounts this year within financial committee as the independent councillor and as the VP Finance. She preserves institutional memory, which is crucial for the continuation of projects.

This year has been a rugged ride for ASFA’s finances with the resignation of two VP Finances and the office manager. Throughout Massaro’s short term as ASFA’s VP Finance, she has had to hold the position of a full time paid office manager, while sorting out financial hiccups that have not been dealt with since orientation. She carried the weight of two positions, while volunteering to assist with the execution MA’s initiatives and ASFA’s social events. Demonstrating not only her ability to go above and beyond, and handle more than what’s initially asked of her, but her passion to improve student life.

Christina Massaro possesses a selfless motive to enhance and enrich student life; she is here for the students, which is evidently shown in her past work. She is a team player that will hold herself accountable for her actions, and correct any of her wrongdoings.

Voting for Christina Massaro guarantees direct benefits, for her team, the member associations ASFA serves and the students.

Lizzy Duong, CUPA Councillor