Letter: Vote for Andrea and Rachel in the ASFA Election

My name is Melina Ghio, ex-Vice-President Finance, ex-independent councillor, ex-interim president, and current CEO for a member association for the Arts and Science Federations of Associations.

I would like to express my warmest regards to all candidates willing to work on next year’s executive team for ASFA—it takes a specific type of courage to brave these turbulent waters, especially given everything “the ASFA ship” has been going through.

It is truly heartwarming to see individuals I met at last year’s member association retreat (where different association executives are given the chance to learn about ASFA and bond— sorry again, Math and Stats!) run for ASFA’s exec. This kind of commitment shows how much energy and vigor there is left in the association, and how wrong anyone is to think that ASFA is dying, sinking, or whatever else has been said about it over the past year. If two or three individuals can taint ASFA for the worst, surely two or three other individuals can help shape it for the better.

Last year, I had the chance to meet Rachel Rammal, who is running for VP Academic and Loyola, and I know she will do wonderfully given the chance. Good luck Rachel!

I also had the opportunity to meet and work with Andrea Krasznai, who is currently running for president. Having gotten to know Andrea a little more, I would like to spend some time letting Arts and Science students know why I support her.

Andrea has worked hard as President of the German Association, and she has also gotten to know ASFA through her work as council secretary. As far as representing an Arts and Science student, she fits the bill. She has an incredible work ethic, she balances school and employment, and she is committed to the wellbeing of those around her. She has the organizational skills to run such a demanding position, as I believe she has proven by juggling so much this past year. And more than anything, she will help keep ASFA on the track that students want to see.

So, students of ASFA, please come out and vote from April 6 to 8. If you are not convinced, find these individuals’ profiles on Facebook. Ask them questions! Trust me, you will not regret getting to know them. I am confident they can win your support.