Letter: Team New Community Shows Up for the Concordia Community

Why I Support Marcus Peters for General Coordinator of the CSU

During my eight years at Concordia, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredible people, many of whom have guided me through the sometimes troubled waters of Concordia politics.

I am thankful to have been able to benefit from their wisdom and encouragement, and to bear witness to some amazing initiatives. So as I step down from my role as president of Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia, I wanted to reflect on my experiences and give a nod to someone truly dedicated to our community. I support the candidacy of Marcus Peters for General Coordinator of the Concordia Student Union.

Whether as a CSU councillor, a member of the Hive Café’s board of directors, at Divest Concordia, the local LEAP Montreal chapter, at TRAC protests, and countless marches over the years, I have witnessed Marcus Peters showing up, in mind and in body, to support the community.

It’s not always easy to balance our studies with community engagement. When we do, it’s even harder to have the presence of mind to offer meaningful contributions. It takes a certain strength of character and a serious work ethic to keep up this largely thankless work. The time, the physical, mental and emotional labour that goes into any worthwhile project often goes unnoticed.

That being said, I want to recognize the work of an invaluable member of the Concordia community, and endorse the candidacy of Marcus Peters. Reliability and a sense of responsibility are crucial to good governance. As a witness to his perseverance, I’m confident that Marcus and the New Community team can deliver a mandate with integrity, to fulfill their duties and offer the support that this community needs to flourish.


Jeremy Tessier