Letter: New Community Is the Team Concordia Students Deserve

Nicolas Chevalier Pushes for Deep, Transformative Change

I’ve known Nicolas Chevalier for a few years now and have developed real respect and admiration for his tremendous commitment and energy.

I’ve seen him organize around the Leap Manifesto, working hard to make sure all the right voices are at the table, and more importantly, that they are heard.

From facilitating meetings with dozens of different perspectives to speaking to large crowds about the importance of leadership from those communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis, Nicolas is humble, compassionate, and determined to build bridges across divides.

He is actively involved in a number of different groups that push for a deep, transformative change—from Divest Concordia, to Climate Justice Montreal, to national movements like The Leap.

Nicolas is open-minded, genuine, and a true compassionate listener. He radiates integrity. Nicolas has my enthusiastic endorsement: the Concordia student body would be lucky to have him in any position of leadership.

Avi Lewis, Filmmaker