Letter: Concordia Group Walks for Mental Health

Lace up those running shoes and walk towards a world without stigma! Montrealers will be taking to the streets for the 7th annual Montreal Walks for Mental Health in an effort to raise awareness about mental health issues. The event will take place on Sunday Oct. 4 at 11 a.m. in Phillips Square.

The Montreal Walks for Mental Health Foundation is a collaboration of 10 health and community organizations whose mission is to increase public awareness about mental health, and eliminate stigma and discrimination towards people who live with a mental illness. 

Did you know that one in five Canadians will experience mental illness in their lives? The walk brings mental illness out of the shadows and serves to reduce the stigma, which prevents so many people from seeking the help that they need. The funds raised from the event go to mental health resources throughout the City of Montreal.

“Bell Let’s Talk is pleased to once again invite Montrealers to take part in Montreal Walks for Mental Health, and to join with Jasmin Roy and Jessica Vigneault to help make a difference by spreading the conversation about mental health,” said Marie-Josée Boivin, Vice-President Human Resources and Bell’s workplace mental health program lead.
“We are proud to partner with Montreal Walk for Mental Health as we continue to work to end the stigma of mental illness that keeps so many from obtaining the care they need.”

Concordia’s very own mental health club, Jack.org Concordia, will also be participating at the walk. We serve you, the students, with information on mental health resources on and off campus. Come and join us at 10:30 a.m. at Concordia’s downtown campus and we’ll walk on over together!

-Jack.org Concordia

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