Letter: Calling Upon Iranians to Wake up

Helping Out Any Way We Can

The bitter reality of Iran today is that the country has now been selected as a target in the current economic war in the region.

It is a war that pits each person before the paper weapon of the American dollar.

Continued actions by people to convert their saving to dollars will destroy the economy of the country and the wellbeing of Iranians.

Who cares who started this economic war or what political goals are fueling it? It doesn’t matter whether president Rouhani and his economic team is to blame or the United States due to its sanctions.

However, Iranians, as individuals, are exacerbating the crisis by turning the Rial into U.S. dollars and not investing in the economic future of the country. They are compromising the future of the next generation.

As Iranians around the world, we have a responsibility to respond. One way we can help over the short-term is to support individuals whose savings have been so diminished that they can’t even pay for basic medicines.

I came to this awakening recently when I heard from my family about the dire circumstances of so many people around them. As a result, drawing from earnings I make working long hours on weekends, I am sending a small amount of money to help out.

The impact of this gesture may be small, but maybe if all of Iran’s overseas community join together, hand in hand, to send some of their surplus earnings to the disadvantaged in the country, we can show our support. It’s time for Iranians outside the country to become part of the solution to support people and defend the dignity of the country. But, we must also encourage people inside Iran to continue to invest in the country and not in a foreign currency.