Letter: A Vote For Empower Concordia Means a Vote For Change

I am of the belief that everyone, regardless of their background, has the ability to add value. Empower Concordia has a very experienced team, whose executives are very intelligent and hardworking.

The core of Empower Concordia, Eddy, Ruby, Tiffana, Diana, George and Antonia has experience in the International Ethnic Association Council. Bryan has vast leadership experience in Little Burgundy Shoes. Eddy has experience being Clubs Director at Vanier and being on the board of directors in the IEAC. He’s also worked very hard to change how Montrealers perceive Canadian films as this year’s Montreal International Wreath Awards Film Festival President. The team’s vast experience in student life means that this team has the know-how and the right values in order to successfully lead the Concordia Student Union.

Empower Concordia values responsibility and diversity. Their platform reflects social responsibility they want to increase funding for student run programs like People’s Potato and Frigo Vert. They understand that these programs provide a lot of value for the students and their importance shouldn’t be minimized. The sustainability program would also encourage more integration by increasing volunteering opportunities.

Empower Concordia’s platform will encourage better integration between different faculties by increasing communication and organizing more events in order to bridge the gap and to increase levels of participation in the CSU. The team would ensure that as many students as possible are represented having a team composed of students from various disciplines and ethnicities.

On the fiscal side of the responsibility equation, the finance coordinator has set up the “Smart Spending” plan. This would make sure that clubs are adequately financed while at the same time making sure that students reap the maximum benefits of CSU activities. All financial transactions will be evaluated in terms of student benefits. Given the finance coordinator’s professional and volunteer experience in the field, it is sure to say that the finances are in good hands. Also, their Finance Coordinator candidate Tiffana is majoring in Finance, compared to Act Together’s Adrian who does not.

Above all, the team believes in hard work; they are prepared to work hard in order to solve difficult problems such as corruption and transparency. Yes to increasing student participation, financing for clubs as well and its importance should absolutely not be minimized. I feel Empower Concordia would work harder to tackle difficult issues that plagued the CSU in the past.

—Mardig Bidanian