Heard In The Hall

Predictions for 2012

For The Link’s first issue of 2012 we asked students what their predictions were for this upcoming year. Here is what they said:

  • I don’t mean to sound pessimistic. I mean, we would all like to think positive for the New Year. However, I have concerns regarding global warming and I predict a chain of natural catastrophes. We’ve seen it building up over the past couple of years at an exponential rate. It’s only going to get worse!

  • I don’t think we are going to be out of the recession. The government is trying to make people think [that we are going to be out of the recession], but I think that we are pretty much gonna stay in the recession and it might even get worse. The government is trying to motivate people to get back to work.

  • I don’t think there’s gonna be anything different. We are just gonna have more civil wars, more corruption in countries. Another war seems like it’s gonna come because of the heat between Iran and the States. The corruption that’s in these countries is not going to finish — it will increase. So far, in 2011, we had Egypt, Syria, Tunisia…

  • For 2012, I predict that the magnetic caps — the polar caps — are going to switch. North pole is positive now. South pole is negative. This is going to switch.

  • I think the price of products will go up. It will be difficult to find a job. I think the economy is getting better, but still the price of food and accommodation is high. This [high price] is good for some people. But not good for the majority of people.