Erika Couto For FASA VP Clubs

I have known Erika Couto, who is running for Fine Arts Students Association ’s VP Clubs and Services, for the better part of three years.

Our relationship started out on the professional side (she was the editor-in-chief of our CEGEP newspaper and I was her co-editor), but soon blossomed into a real friendship.

Her constant encouragement while we worked together really helped me to open up and I know that she had a huge part in making my CEGEP experience a great one.

Working so closely with Erika showed me exactly what kind of person she is. This young woman is the walking definition of a go-getter. If she wants something done, she does it.

Now, I hate to sound cheesy, but Erika Couto takes care of business and she does it in her own way. This is exactly why I know she will be a great asset to FASA as the VP Clubs and Services. She stays calm and organized, even with a pile of work in front of her and, believe me, she will work until it is done.

Erika is also incredibly accessible, be it by phone, email, Facebook or Twitter, this young lady is out there and eager to help out or answer any questions one may have. Not only is she incredibly accessible, but she is very easy to talk to as well. Erika is very smart and informed, but also open and easy-going and after talking to her for five minutes, you will realize this as well.

Erika Couto is someone who really does care about making our university experience a better one and I know that she will do whatever she can to make it happen.

Voting Erika Couto for FASA VP Clubs and Services is voting for a better university experience and is that not what we all want?

Brittany Lee
Film Studies

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