CUPFA Reaches Salary Agreement with Concordia

A short-term salary agreement has been reached between the Concordia University Part-time Faculty Association and the university, the union announced Tuesday evening in a press release.

The agreement will expire in April 2015 “given the fluidity of the present budget plans,” but is being implemented right away. Concordia President Alan Shepard announced a program Sept. 24 encouraging administrative staff to leave their positions to alleviate budget cuts.

The release does not give any details on the agreement, which includes “similar salary increases achieved by other Concordia unions over the last year,” CUPFA President David Douglas said. The press release was sent after office hours and the association was not available for comment shortly after.

It also didn’t say how the “voluntary departure” program will effect part-time staff.

Douglas said the agreement came “after considerable effort was made at the table” and that CUPFA will resume negotiations when the deal expires in April.