Concordia Unsure How to Deal with Deportation of Saudi Students

University Working to Find Solution Concerning Removal of Saudi Students Attending Schools in Canada

Concordia University Spokesperson Mary-Jo Barr said Concordia plans on organizing information sessions next week to help Saudi students through the process. File Photo Brian Lapuz

The withdrawal of Saudi students studying in Canada was announced this week after Canada criticised the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for human-rights abuses over Twitter.

It’s not yet clear how or when the expulsion of Saudi student will take effect at Concordia, but in a statement the university said that those studying in Canada on scholarships, grants or trainee programs funded by the Kingdom will be transferred to countries with similar education systems.

“We are actively working with different academic organizations to receive more clarity on the decision and to develop a timely approach,” said university spokesperson Mary-Jo Barr to The Link.

Almost 400 students in Montreal and approximately 20,000 students in Canada will be affected by the regime according to the The Gazette. Concordia currently has 60 students studying on scholarship from the Saudi government.

“Concordia has many long-term friendships with academic institutions in Saudi Arabia and we have always welcomed Saudi students onto our campus” wrote Deputy Provost Anne Whitelaw and Dean of Graduate Studies Paula Wood-Adams in an email sent to Concordia’s Saudi students.

Barr said the university plans on organizing information sessions next week to help Saudi students through the process.

The Concordia Student Union said they’ll be looking to give support to Saudi student affected, by working closely with the dean of students’ office, the international students’ office and CSU’s legal clinic.

“The [CSU] is advocating and lending its support to Saudi students facing incredible amounts of uncertainty with regards to their immigration status, stay, and their access to an education in Canada,” the union wrote Wednesday. “We are here to help in any way we can.”

In the meantime students can contact the CSU and the International Students Office for more information.