Cheap grocery stores for the proletariat

Where to fight Big Grocery in Montreal

Place: Al-Mizan Gourmet

Where it is: 1836-A Ste. Catherine St. W

What’s so good about it: Open until 10 p.m. every night, the grocery store is a fantastic place for bulk purchases, spices, international foods, and a good selection of meat. They have a wonderful selection of halal products, and reviewers also appreciate the assortment of Middle Eastern imported goods and spices. The service is friendly and helpful, and the business is family-owned.


Place: Segal’s Market

Where it is: 4001 St. Laurent Blvd.

What’s so good about it: Widely regarded as the cheapest grocery store in town, Segal’s has been serving Montrealers on The Main since 1927. Shelves are always stacked with good quality produce, and they use cardboard boxes instead of plastic bags to carry out your groceries. The pungent smell of fish and long lines at the cash are just small prices to pay for a cheap and efficient grocery run.


Place: P.A. Supermarket

Where it is: 1420 Fort St.

What’s so good about it: With multiple locations around the city, P.A. offers the shopping experience of big supermarkets with customer-friendly prices. Products range from local produce to international ingredients and treats. It’s a good place to find cheap fruits and vegetables when they’re considered past their sell-by date, but still tasty. Make sure to visit earlier in the day, as it gets busy after 5 p.m. 


Place: Akhavan Market

Where it is: 6170 Sherbrooke St. W

What’s so good about it: The perfect place to find Middle Eastern delicacies and great local products, Marché Akhavan has everything you need if you’re shopping for groceries in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. From fresh olives to delicious baked goods like baklava, Akhavan has all the flavors you need at great prices.


Place: Adonis

Where it is: 2173 Ste. Catherine St. W, Montreal, QC H3H 1M9

What’s so good about it: Just a few blocks from Concordia’s downtown campus, this Adonis location is brimming with the widest range of products you can imagine at affordable prices. Their impressive cheese and charcuterie counters will keep you coming back, and the deli counter offers great meals and quick snacks that will keep both your tummy and your wallet happy.

This article originally appeared in The Food Issue, published November 3, 2020.