Cheap Books and Where to Find Them

Don’t Fuck with Chapters

Photo Illustration Julian Bata and Brian Lapuz

Why the hell would you buy your books from the Concordia bookstore?

Concordia’s Co-op Bookstore
2150 Bishop St.

A bookstore for young radicals (but not too radical), this Bishop bookstore claims it has the largest selection of reading on gender studies and sexuality in Montreal. Also worthwhile is their selection of secondhand textbooks. Even more, becoming a member gets you discounted prices and the chance to vote in their general assemblies.

The Word
469 Milton St.

Very small, very hip, very much the kind of place you would go to if you had just finished attending a Post- Modernism lecture at McGill. But it’s not all humanities, they also have a highly- curated selection of poetry with many local poets in stock. Employees are kind of reserved, but I left my wallet there once and they returned it to me so they’re alright in my books.

5670 Sherbrooke St. W.

Go here if you like fiction and vintage books, or if you study at Loyola campus. Staff here are friendly and are always happy to give advice on what to buy your mom for Mother’s Day. Also worth checking out is their posters they print from in store, and they have a decent selection of secondhand comics and graphic novels, too.

Cheap Thrills
2044 Metcalfe St.

You hardly notice it from the street, but away from overpriced Indigo is the appropriately named Cheap Thrills. Beyond the terrifyingly warped pink stairs is a library that impresses with its titles in fiction, philosophy, politics, and science fiction. But as you pass down for the books on the lower shelves, I wouldn’t recommend sitting on the floor. They should redo the carpets, just sayin’.