ASFA Elects New VP Communications and Promotions and Independent Councillor

Most of Discussion Closed to Public

  • ASFA voting in favour an anti-racist position on Jan 12th.

It’s hard to judge whether the Arts and Sciences Federation of Associations is off to a good start this semester, given that the majority of their last council meeting on Jan. 12 was held in closed session.

The closed session was called for by ASFA VP Finance Christina Massaro. She did this to provide privacy to applicants during interviews for the positions of VP Communications and Promotions, and Independent councillor.

Paula Monroy was elected for VP Communications and Promotions. The two other candidates who applied neglected to show up for their interviews. Monroy, who only stayed briefly, could not be reached before press time to expand on her plans for ASFA.

Georgios Simeonidis was elected as the Independent councillor. The role of the Independent councillor is to represent all undergraduate students in the Arts and Sciences who are not already represented by ASFA’s member associations.

“I want to be able to help people,” he said, “to give a voice to the voiceless.”

He said that he also wants to help with planning of events, something he’s familiar with given his past three years at ASFA.

Through 2014 to 2015 he held the role of VP Finance of the Association of Chemistry and Biochemistry Undergraduate Student. Furthermore, he was involved in ABACUS’s transition into the Concordia Undergraduate Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physic Students.

Candidates for the positions were elected through a council meeting because a previous attempt to fill the positions through a by-election from Nov 28th to the 30th failed. As ASFA didn’t reach quorum in the vote.

News also came at the meeting that ASFA’s Chair, Caitlin Robinson, will be stepping down. This is due to her gaining a promotion in her job outside of ASFA. As a result, she will no longer be able to dedicate her time to the association. It was announced by the meeting’s temporary chair, Andrea Krasznai.

There will soon be a call out for that position—however no specific date has been given yet to apply by. Those interested in applying can do so by emailing

The discussion of ASFA’s upcoming annual general election also went to closed session. VP Internal Julia Sutera Sardo, who led most of meeting, said this was because many of the councillors said they would feel “more comfortable discussing this matter freely.”

According to Sutera Sardo, that discussion concluded with the decision to hold general elections no later than March 31. Also, electoral officers will now be paid more, but the increase has not yet been determined by their Finance and Internal Committees.

“They do a lot of tedious work and should be properly compensated for it,” said Sutera Sardo.

Sutera Sardo also pushed for ASFA to adopt an anti-racist position, which succeeded. It provides an official stance that all ASFA executives and councillors should aim to seek out and solve issues of racism, whether they arise within ASFA or on campus.

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