Accept the Status Quo

Remember, students—our elected representatives in Quebec City have our best interests at heart.

When the Charest Government took $700 million in federal transfers for social and health services and instead cut taxes by an impressive 1 per cent, they did so to enrich Quebecers.

When they set their budget and increased tuition fees by 75 per cent while cutting their own contributions by 2.6 per cent, they did so to make sure that our universities were not underfunded and that we could get the best education possible.

We, as students, should not feel so entitled as to ask for ‘proof’ that this money will be spent responsibly. Just look at Concordia.

Our Board of Governors clearly has the best interests of the school at heart and will ensure that these funds will go to providing only the best severance packages to departing administrators. After all, they wouldn’t have elected themselves if they had any doubts about their own abilities.

Also, don’t forget that our leaders could very likely, possibly, probably be persuaded to direct some of this money for bursaries for students. It’s not like they have a history of corruption and financial mismanagement; and even if they did, they were elected to do what they want!

Romantic notions such as ‘public opinion’ should not play a role in deciding the actions of our government. They were elected to be our shepherds, and we as students need to stop questioning their actions. How dare we demand participation in the creation of our own education? Who do we think we are?

So remember—when someone from the Concordia Student Union, or from any other acronym-having group, hands you a flyer for an immature, negative, malicious campaign of intimidation, ignore it.

Instead, do the mature and democratic thing; go far away from the militant in question and bury your head deep in the snow.

—Kyle McLoughlin
BA Sociology and Anthropology

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