A Club for All Seasons

Six New Clubs at Concordia

Concordians have stepped up and formed a six-pack of new clubs for the 2010-2011 school year.

The new Concordia Student Union clubs range from the spiritual to the adrenaline infused.

These organizations are coming to Concordia at a time when the university has given students an academic incentive to join clubs with their new co-curricular record, which can
be paired with a student’s transcript.

The new document will include a brief description on the role of a volunteer in the organization, their tasks and what skills they may have gathered.

According to CSU VP Clubs Ramy Khoriaty, the initiative is set to begin in two weeks.

“It’s a plus that can attract people to be executives in clubs,” said Khoriaty, “It’s important to have a full CV when you graduate.”

Here is a look at this year’s new additions:

Humanity First

This Canadian international humanitarian relief NGO aims to “help alleviate poverty, hunger and disease in those areas of the world where humanity continues to struggle for the basic necessities of life.”
No plans yet on how it will work with existing groups like Engineers Without Borders or the Concordia Volunteer Aboard Program.

Concordia University Catholic Students

Seeks to organize Catholic students for social and religious activities including speakers, social activities and prayer.

St. Paul’s Coptic Orthodox Society

This club acts as a forum to discuss the teachings of the Orthodox Church, as well as to provide spiritual guidance.

Concordia Dodgeball League

Whip a ball or two at fellow students on either the SGW or Loyola campuses at monthly dodgeball events.

Typhon Dragon Boat Club

Twenty paddlers, a dragon boat and an emphasis on team spirit are what this club is all about. No experience required.

Chess Club

Not really athletic, but the ancient game is a great workout for the brain.

Although Concordia has garnered some new and exciting clubs, there has been some amount of housekeeping with the loss of a number of older clubs who chose not to reapply for club status this year.

Cultural groups including the Iranian Students Association, Hellenic Student Association of Concordia, Armenian Students Association, SGI Buddhist Club and Students for Advancement of Hip-Hop Culture all dissolved and will not be receiving funding this year. In addition, The Animal House, the Concordia Games Club and the Concordia Pre-Health Association all are unregistered.

Concordia students can also expect less diversity in the university’s political scene as major groups Amnesty International and Liberal Concordia have not registered for CSU club status this year.

“I think its unfortunate,” said Conservative Concordia President Taylor Knott. “I think that political clubs on campus are important to help students get educated and involved.”
You find all of Concordia’s Clubs at http://studentgroups.csu.qc.ca

This article originally appeared in Volume 31, Issue 07, published September 28, 2010.