• Editorial

    Standing Shoulder to Shoulder

    Strike. It’s a six-letter word every Montreal undergrad has become familiar with, whether it sparks memories of the social tidal wave that flooded our streets for months, or members of the McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association marching outside their employers’ stone gates.

  • Editorial

    ConU Dragging Its Heels

    After five weeks of relative silence, yesterday bore a bit of surprising news regarding Concordia’s Chinese student homestay debacle.

  • Dividing Times

    Why We Can’t Move Forward With Straw Men at Our Side

    As the American electoral season draws to a close, most Canadians have spent a certain amount of time debating—or at least contemplating—the issues at stake and whom we would hypothetically vote for, on Nov. 6.

  • Heard in the Hall

    What sort of student spaces do you think Concordia is lacking?

  • Does Concordia Need A Student Centre? Pro

    Students at Concordia are divided.

  • Does Concordia Need A Student Centre? Con

    It’s time to take a few steps back in the student centre debate.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Costume Conundrum

    I’m starting to panic right now.

    While you’ve all been gushing about how excited you are to show off that super original Halloween costume at that pile of parties you’re inevitably going to, I have no fucking clue what to dress up as.

  • The Grass is Always Greener at the Top

    Last week’s article “Paying the President,” which addressed the salary of our fearless leader Alan Shepard, has raised some questions.

  • Heard in the Hall

    What do you think of ConU President Alan Shepard getting a $7,000 cost-of-living adjustment raise on his $350,000 salary?

  • Disrespecting the Process

    The Decline of Parliament in Federal & Provincial Governments

    For people elected through a democratic process, our federal and provincial governments certainly have an odd and profound dislike for our democratic institutions.