• Playing With Weighted Dice

    Results of Higher Education Summit Seem Already Set

    Quebec’s much-anticipated Summit on Higher Education is set to take place at the end of February, but it seems the dice have already been loaded against students.

  • Nah’msayin?

    What Part of “Off” Don’t You Understand?

    Yes I’m sure. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. I’m leaving the house. I want to turn my computer off.

  • Editorial

    A Date to Remember

    The year 2015 can’t come soon enough. Since 2009, Concordia’s graduate and undergraduate student unions have been fighting to escape the dastardly clutches of Canada’s largest student lobby group: the Canadian Federation of Students.

  • Nah’msayin?

    The ConU Candy Caper

    Something fishy is going on in the hallways of Concordia.

  • Locking Roddick Gates

    McGill’s ATI-Dodging a Reason to Review Freedom of Information Laws

    McGill University’s decision to ask for special powers regarding Access to Information requests filed by some McGill students and reporters from The McGill Daily and The Link has been covered extensively. But a more general discussion about the usefulness of ATI requests has been missing.

  • TRAC Deserves R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Collective Bargaining in a Time of Budget Cuts for Teaching Assistants

    It’s difficult to jump right into an op-ed about the teaching assistants and research assistants’ collective bargaining at Concordia.

  • Salvaging the White Elephant

    Support the Student Housing Co-Op That Could Save a Neighbourhood

    Îlot Voyageur is a classic example of a white elephant. The money ran out and the whole thing became more trouble than it was worth. Stranded like a beached whale, it’s large, idle and has a price tag that would make your grandmother blush.

  • Nah’msayin?

    The Wisdom of Ages

    They’re a sort of time-travelling RoboCop of the classroom. They fear not the social codes that keep the rest of us strictly bound. They boldly speak where no twenty-something has dared to speak before. Yes, I’m talking about over-talkative mature students.

  • Editorial

    Press on! / Ça presse!

    Say yes to the press. Starting tomorrow, McGill students will be asked to vote to keep The McGill Daily and its French counterpart Le Délit alive.

  • Rape Culture in Our Own Backyards

    Concordia Needs a Sexual Assault Centre—Now

    Concordia students are not known for their apathy. Generally, we choose to take a stand.