• Turning the Male Gaze Inward

    Where do Men Fit into Discussions of Gender?

    I can’t help but hesitate every time someone asks me what I study in school.

  • Editorial: The Place for Men in Feminism

    It’s a sick, twisted logic that looks at sexual assault in a vacuum.

  • Editorial: Ménard Commission Sets a Dangerous Precedent

    In the latest of a string of reminders of that not-so-long-ago student movement of 2012, the Ménard Commission began on Sept. 23.

  • On the Wrong Track

    STS Policy Temporarily Left Drunk Students Stranded in Sherbrooke

    The late bus home is a common experience for many party-goers, but in cities with a significant university student population, a few problems might emerge.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Coffee or Commute? Why Not Both?

    The average Canadian spends around 275 hours a year commuting, but if you’re a Concordia student that’s just your weekly commute.

  • What’s A Picture Worth, Again?

    On Stealing Photos and the Double Standard of Intellectual Property

    In case you’ve ever wondered whether or not using someone’s photograph without their permission and without attributing it to them was stealing, let me clear that up for you right now.

  • Editorial: What We Want Out of City Hall

    If all those placard faces weren’t enough of a hint, it’s officially municipal election season in Quebec.

  • Popping Bottles: It’s Over 9,000!

    Party Tab for Former Execs is a Misuse of Funds

    If recent allegations about a certain extravagant end-of-the-year party are true, last year’s CSU executives may have left us with one last lapse of judgment to marvel at.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Feelin’ Some Bixi Empathy

    If you commute on two wheels, you know you can’t help that judgmental feeling as you approach a Bixi rider…

  • The City Should Pay in Students’ Class Action Suit

    Approval of Lawsuit a Step in the Right Direction

    The City of Montreal ought to pay what is being asked of them; they ought to give back to those who had their rights infringed upon so grievously by those who were supposed to be protecting them.