Police Chase and Arrest Boy With No Shoes On Loyola Campus

  • Police arrested a minor around Concordia University’s Loyola campus on Tuesday afternoon. Photo Valerie Nadeau

After a long foot chase, several police officers arrested a minor nearby Concordia University’s Loyola campus late in the afternoon on Tuesday.

Around 3:40 p.m., a teenage boy was seen running through campus without shoes, being chased by two police officers.

The young male was arrested for alleged possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of marijuana, according to a spokesperson from the SPVM. His name couldn’t be disclosed due to his status as a minor.

The chase had gone on for a while, as both police officers were visibly winded and had trouble maintaining pace.

After escaping the university premises by jumping over a fence and losing the initial two officers chasing him, the teenager was caught by several police vehicles awaiting on the intersection of West Broadway St. and Sherbrooke St. W.

A total of eight police vehicles were on site. As he was being arrested, the suspect’s friend handed him shoes.

Correction: In a previous iteration of this story, it failed to mention that the reasoning of arrest was alleged and not proven. The Link regrets the error.

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