Fringe Arts

  • Spring Has Sprung

    Printemps Numérique Takes Montreal by Storm During Opening Launch Party

    Printemps Numérique—also known as Digital Spring—appropriately kicked off on March 21, marking the first day of multiple exhibits popping up around the city in the coming weeks.

  • Silk Screening Studio a Haven of Transcendent Art

    Concordia Fine Arts Students Open Print Studio in the Plateau

    Nestled in the heart of the Plateau, Atelier Lost Cause has come a long way from its humble beginnings. For three Concordia fine arts students—Gabrielle Mulholland, Justin Gordon and Hillary Barnes, the process of opening Lost Cause has been both lengthy and inspiring.

  • Porn for the Soul

    Experimental Blog, This is better than porn, Leaves Fans Wanting More

    Photos of soft-lit bare skin, with shadows highlighting the smooth-and-freckled plains of the human body, and phrases of intimate poetry, all curated to whet the palate—this is the aesthetic of This is better than porn.

  • Liberal Arts College Theatre’s Unique Spin on a Classic

    Liberal Arts College Theatre Society perform “Six Characters in Search of an Author”

    “I’m reluctant to use the word ‘amateur,’” said second year Liberal Arts student, director and lead Darragh Mondoux. “But the word ‘amateur’ comes from ‘the love of the craft’ in French and that’s super beautiful.”

  • Feminism Takes the Stage

    “Revolution They Wrote:” Concordia’s Theatre Students to Launch Second Short Works Festival

    The second edition of Revolution They Wrote: Short Works Theatre Festival will take place in both Café Cleopatra and the MainLine Gallery from March 17 to March 20. Emily Schon, the artistic director of the festival, came up with the concept when she felt there was not enough representation of women in her field.

  • Amongst Timeless Women

    Concordia Graduate’s Photo Exhibition Empowers Women Past and Present

    After graduating from Concordia in 2001, the next year saw Portolese produce her first exhibition with women at the centre—the birth of Belle de Jour. Since then, she has continued evolving with women: from retro porno, to fashion photography, she presented this third exhibition alongside Victorian photographs.

  • Transcending Literature in More Ways Than One

    Concordia Literature Festival Subverts Conventions of the Unconventional

    The Off the Page festival hosts three days of literary insanity bringing in famous Canadian authors like Ben Lerner, Jordan Abel, Anne Boyer and Sonnet L’Abbé to read their work. Students will have the chance to discuss literature related to current issues.

  • As Above, So Below

    Art Souterrain Festival Brings Art to the Underground and the General Public

    Art Souterrain gives a new meaning to “underground” artists in Montreal.

  • Art, Stuff

    16th Edition of Art Matters Challenges Memory, Habits and Materialism

    Art Matters is currently in its 16th year of existence as one of the largest student-run arts festivals, Rox but still struggles to “go away from the rulebook.” Organizers have questioned how Art Matters can be more inclusive to a broader community, while limited to a one-year mandate.

  • Art Matters 2016 Kicks Off

    Opening Show Features Nancy Pants, Hand Cream, Organ Mood and DJboyzclub

    The Concordia cross-city art festival begins off this week.