Fringe Arts

  • Freshly Baked in The Oven

    Renovated CJLO Studio The Oven to Reopen in April

    Many aspiring musicians seek to record their music at an affordable price. Concordia students and local artists now have the chance to seize this opportunity with CJLO’s studio The Oven, located on Concordia’s campus. The studio has undergone renovations in acoustic treatment and gear upgrades for a scheduled reopening in early April.

  • Sign O’ The Times

    SKOL Workshop Teaches the History and Art of Sign Language

    UPop Montreal and SPiLL.PROpagation are offering four workshops at the Centre des arts actuels (SKOL) that explore literary creations in sign languages. This opportunity offers a chance for individuals to discover this arcane form of literature. Proficiency in sign languages is needed for the creative workshops, but the analytical ones are open to those who want to learn about literature in sign languages, its history and its art scene.

  • Tummel – Escaping the Francophone-Anglophone Dichotomy

    Slum-based Punk Band Orkestar Kriminal Launches its Debut Album Tummel at Divan Orange next Friday on March 27th

    For those unfamiliar with this Montreal-based band, Orkestar Kriminal is a group of eight diverse musicians who label themselves as “a band of punks.”

  • Dissecting Intersection

    Theresa Hak Kyung Cha Mixes Media to Explore History, Language and Power

    If a single word could define the complex work of conceptual artist and writer Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, intermediality comes to mind.

  • The Danger Girls of Skateboarding

    A Group of Women are Taking on the Male-Dominated Skateboard Culture in North America

    A little over two years ago, Rezko, a human relations student at Concordia, helped found Get Born, a non-profit online magazine dedicated to supporting the skateboarding culture in Montreal and Chicago. She persuaded co-founders Christerson and Liv Seidel—a green-hair-don’t-care idol—to make their mark documenting a lifestyle dominated by men.

  • For the Last and First Time : Sophie Calle @ MAC

    Themes of perception, sight and voyeurism have been at the centre of Sophie Calle’s work ever since her 1979 photographic series Suite Venetienne, where she disguised herself to follow a man and document his walks around the city of Venice. Much like a detective, she can establish an intimacy with her subjects through close, attentive observation.

  • Quebec’s History on the Move

    Moving Exhibition Comes to Concordia Exposing the Social Struggles and Movements of the Province

    For two weeks, the atrium of Concordia’s downtown library will be home to “Quebec on the Move,” an exhibit exploring various social movements in relation to Quebec’s English-speaking communities from 1960 to today.

  • Putting Data to Rest

    Artist Audrey Samson Orchestrates a Symbolic Funeral for Your Digital Data

    We’re constantly leaving our footprints in the digital world, whether by chatting online or posting a picture on our Instagram. Our data is saved for the use of big corporations and governments, but also piled up on our own computers for personal use.

  • Swans at Le National

    If You’re Hearing This, You’re Already Dead

    On Thursday night, I went to see Swans.

  • Ariel Pink Is Way More Than You Think

    He’s Not a Monster, He’s an Artist

    “We are afraid of monsters because they are ugly.”

    So goes one of Ariel Pink’s most lucid tweets. Of course, any sense of austerity is immediately blown off by a silly GIF, sitting directly under the statement, a quick clip of a lo-fi monster, awkwardly flailing about.