Fringe Arts

  • As Above, So Below

    Art Souterrain Festival Brings Art to the Underground and the General Public

    Art Souterrain gives a new meaning to “underground” artists in Montreal.

  • Art, Stuff

    16th Edition of Art Matters Challenges Memory, Habits and Materialism

    Art Matters is currently in its 16th year of existence as one of the largest student-run arts festivals, Rox but still struggles to “go away from the rulebook.” Organizers have questioned how Art Matters can be more inclusive to a broader community, while limited to a one-year mandate.

  • Art Matters 2016 Kicks Off

    Opening Show Features Nancy Pants, Hand Cream, Organ Mood and DJboyzclub

    The Concordia cross-city art festival begins off this week.

  • No Space for the Press

    Concordia’s Only Francophone Magazine, L’Organe, Still Struggles to Exist

    In the past, L’Organe had stopped publishing for two years when editors graduated and could not find replacements. The magazine now has a full team, but the lack of an office is one thing keeping them from expanding.

  • Old School Paved the Way

    Montreal Rapper Taigenz Talks Talent Shows, Concordia Classes and Inspiration

    His flow is thick with Montreal’s accent, a staccato sense of rhythm that starts and stops without breaking stride. With 5 full-length releases and a litany of videos under his belt, Taigenz is definitively on the cusp.

  • Beat it

    Drum Your Stress Away

    Everyone is welcome to drop by the chaplaincy to participate in the drum circle, no experience is necessary and the hand drums are provided.

  • Talking Consent With HIV

    Documentary Explores HIV Non-Disclosure

    On Feb. 18, Concordia is hosting a lecture on the criminalization of HIV, the impact of non-disclosure laws on people living with the disease and the activist response. It will be accompanied by a screening of a recent documentary by the organization entitled, Consent: HIV Non-Disclosure and Sexual Assault Law.

  • Montreal, Untitled

    Articule Exhibition Explores Politics of Belonging

    Occupying the Articule gallery space until the end of Feb. 28, Sans titre, is a collaborative, multi-titled exhibition that projects this idea of belonging and isolation, which is relatable to the city’s inhabitants.

  • No Bad Sounds For NDG

    The Many Facets of Montreal’s Hip-Hop Music Scene

    At No Bad Sound, children under 18 can come in to hang out, make music and express themselves artistically.

  • One Word to Another

    In Others’ Words/Dans les mots des autres Addresses the Role of Translation in the Creation of a Literary Culture

    Writer and translator, David Homel, will be holding a conference called In Others’ Words / Dans les mots des autres, Feb. 10, at the Atwater Library and Computer Centre.