Fringe Arts

  • Naked and Empowered

    Scarlett James Revisits Art of Burlesque for Montreal’s Burlesque Festival

    I walked into a vanilla-scented, hazy red room, feathers tickling me, jazz music buzzing—and the sight of beautiful, unassuming breasts welcoming me.

  • An Artful Resistance

    CEREV Exhibition Recalls Pinochet’s Totalitarian Rule

    Concordia’s Centre for Ethnographic Research and Exhibition in the Aftermath of Violence opened an exhibition that encapsulates the years of Pinochet’s totalitarian rule. Artifacts were brought in exclusively from the Museum of Memory and Human Rights in Santiago, and divided thematically into three separate portions: the coup, the resistance, and finally freedom, offering a more palatable framing of Pinochet’s control.

  • A One on One with Guy Maddin

    The Forbidden Room, co-directed by Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson, was selected to be the closing feature of Festival du Nouveau Cinéma.

  • Don’t Steal This: A Story of Appropriation

    Indigenous Artisans Showcased at Fashion Preview

    “Even though I’m not Navajo, it’s disrespectful to me, because I know, and you probably know, that they’re not making one red penny on this.”

  • The Formation of Hate

    Canadian Filmmaker Atom Egoyan Presents Remember at Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

    Exploring genocides isn’t a foreign concept for director Atom Egoyan.

  • Spins

    Blessed Feathers, LCD Soundsystem, Teen Cult, and Alex G

    Check out these teeny tiny album reviews!

  • Jukebox Ocean Are Hard to Describe

    Local Montreal Prog-Jazz-Noise Quartet Are Confusing and Awesome

    We’re standing beside one of those really excellent St. Laurent Blvd. Portuguese chicken joints. It’s cold. It’s late. We’re having fun. We’re doing an interview.

  • Connections and Positions

    Visual Artist David K. Ross Explores Space and Perspective

    Positions, presented at the Dazibao Gallery, is a collaborative collection featuring artist David K. Ross, containing three moving-image works, two of which require the use of headsets to listen to accompanying audio, and a set of sketches done by Ross himself.

  • In Memory of Chantal Akerman

    RIDM Pays Tribute to Belgian Filmmaker

    In light of the tragic death of Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman, the Montreal’s international documentary festival will pay tribute to the exceptional figure of the cinema community. Renowned worldwide as the author of original and audacious films, Akerman reportedly committed suicide on Oct. 5 at the age of 65.

  • We Didn’t Start the Fire

    On Mina Shum’s New Documentary The Ninth Floor, The Computer Riot, And The Concordia Faculty Member Involved In It All.

    In 1969, students protested against biology teacher Perry Anderson—infamously accused of racism—and the institution that backed him, with riots that escalated into vandalism and arson in the Hall building of what is today Concordia University.