Fringe Arts

  • Montreal Character Series: Tanya Stasilowitch

    Wrestler, Performance Artist, Egoless Optimist

    This would be my first interview in a non-neutral environment.

  • The (Literal) Body Politic

    Eastern Bloc Presents BPLTC Part 1: Cellular Control

    Eastern Bloc will be kicking off the first of a three-part series of exhibitions called BPLTC (pronounced “biopolitic”) in a few short weeks, starting Sept. 24. Broadly speaking, the series will explore the role of the sciences and their technological applications in relation to human activity and sociopolitical interests.

  • Afropunk Fest in Brooklyn Defies Expectations

    Bearing Witness to the Dynamism of African-American Culture

    no sexism
    no racism
    no ableism
    no ageism
    no homophobia
    no fatphobia
    no transphobia
    no hatefulness

  • Montreal Character Series: Commander Andrew Clark

    Postering Free-Agent, Positive Musical Force

    “That guy’s a fucking positive force.”

  • Notre-Dame-des-Landes: The Everyday as a Mode of Resistance

    European Activists Challenge the Status Quo by Reclaiming Space and Rethinking Life in Community

    Fighting to save a land destined to become France’s 57th airport, a group of environmental activists have joined forces with local farmers to reclaim the space and protect a fragile ecosystem from state-organized destruction.

    Parisian film student Lou Rambert-Preiss went to experience life in this protest camp and shared his story and photos with The Link.

  • Harmony and Dissonance

    SAT Celebrates its 20th Anniversary with—What Else?—Entropy

    *Last Friday, St. Laurent’s very own electronic hotspot, the Société des Arts Technologiques—SAT for short—was getting all dolled up to celebrate her 20th anniversary with a bang.

  • With a (Somewhat Gentle) Rebel Yell

    Concordia-Founded Documentary Exhibition Network Closes Summer Screenings Series with Film about Global Rebellions

    Everyday Rebellion, a documentary produced by Golden Girls Filmproduktion and Film Services GmbH, will close Cinema Politica Montreal’s summer screenings at La Place de la Paix on September 1.

  • Generation Z Breaks Through the Clutter with Glitched Fashion

    Friday night, the cream of the Montreal emergent fashion crop paraded their new looks in the runway show Génération Z, un événement mode 360, presented by the internationally renowned fashion design school LaSalle College.

  • Montreal Character Series: Colbert Lapomme Casimir


    It was hot when I met Colbert Casimir and their two partners (preferring to be nameless, we’ll call them E and J) at a McDonalds on Ste. Catherine.

  • Happy Birthday! Shut Up!

    Legendary Rapper Yasiin Bey Begins Stand Up Comedy Career in Montreal

    Montreal producer Kaytranada provided the soundtrack to an evening at the Phi Centre while Yasiin Bey made his way to the stage. He held a handful of rose petals and casually threw them into the crowd as a peace offering.