• Nah’msayin?

    The Impossible Computer (Don Quixote Revisited)

    So it’s the beginning of the semester, and everyone is experiencing the same shtick.

  • Catholics Get Free Pass With Charter of Values

    True multiculturalism means accepting that there are some things you will never fully understand about the people you share your country with. But it seems the Parti Québécois never got that memo.

  • Four Wheels Good, Two Wheels Better

    Make Space for Bikes in City Hall Race

    As the Nov. 3 municipal election draws closer and closer, more candidates have begun to outline their promising-yet-possibly-unattainable campaign promises.

  • Editorial: Labour Relations Need Good Faith

    It’s no secret that the labour climate at Concordia leaves much to be desired. But if things are to ever get better, now is the time.

  • Divest Now!

    Concordia Must End Support for Fossil Fuels

    Climate change is happening, we can all feel it.

  • Want to Prevent Sexual Assault? Let’s Talk Consent

    Conversations Need to Start Now

    Last week on the St. Mary’s University campus, a frosh chant surfaced, once again reminding the public that issues of sexual assault are very much alive and well.

  • Editorial: Back to Reality

    Orientation week is winding down and reality is setting in whether you like it or not. You probably need to figure out if you’re going to commit to that early-morning class at Loyola, or that ECON course you joined “for the experience.”

  • Nah’msayin?

    A Drunken Dish Full of Lies

    The other night at around 3:00 a.m., I drunkenly stumbled out of a club on St. Laurent Blvd. and, like most people in my situation, could only think about one thing: food.

  • What’s White, and White, and White All Over?

    ASNE Numbers Cause for Concern

    Despite the fact that a significant portion of the Canadian population is comprised of visible minorities, the reality is that there is a startling lack of minority representation in newsrooms across the country.

  • C4 Club Detonated Without a Sound

    Don’t Let the Little Things Slide, CSU

    The first question I asked Julien Fortuna, ad designer for The Link and one of the presidents of the now-defunct Concordia Case Competition and Consultancy Club (or C4 for short)