Link Live Sessions

Our video team films musicians playing in various spots around the city.

  • Motel Raphäel

    Motel Raphäel sang folky, country harmonies over soft guitar and glockenspiel for us at Burritoville’s library on a rainy Sunday night.

    Watch our performance video of the all-girl indie trio’s acoustic version of “Walk Back to Me” off their new EP.

  • David Simard

    Local singer/songwriter David Simard will be releasing his new album Slower, Lower at Casa del Popolo on Nov. 28, with Toronto’s “intimate indie-songstress” Loom as a special guest.

    Simard gave The Link an intimate performance of his song “One Coffee, Two Coffee” at his St. Henri apartment on a sunny Monday morning.

  • Sweet Mother Logic

    Following their larger-than-life self-titled LP, Sweet Mother Logic contain things to their five permanent members on Natural History. The quintet mixes post rock vibrations with an air of chamber pop on the record, which they’re releasing at their show this Thursday at at La Sala Rossa.

    Watch the full performance video of “Lord Tennyson” here.
    Play Arctic Bay
    Sweet Mother Logic / Nov. 3 / La Sala Rossa (4848 St. Laurent Blvd.)

  • Gauntlet Hair

    With a new album, Top Bunk, hitting the stores on Oct 18, the Denver duo Gauntlet Hair closed their Canadian tour in Montreal before heading down to the American east coast. They performed at Casa del Popolo on Sunday night to a small but welcoming audience.

    The Link caught up with Andy R. and Craig Nice on touring, the new album and PT Cruisers — and got an exclusive video of their performance.