eConcordia on Strike

ConU’s First Virtual Hard Picket

Despite the fact they did so via livestream, Concordia’s online students have decided to enter the tuition protest fray, boycotting their video lectures and blog posts indefinitely.

Due to each eConcordia class having an average of approximately 500 students, the e-striker contingent believe they can really turn the tide on the tuition issue by enforcing hard pickets, despite their lack of physical classes.

The first installment of a 10-part investigative report, Accordia MEOW is on-location at the home of one of these dissatisfied e-learners. West Island native Terry Fitzpatrick has been picketing his computer all week, much to the dismay of his grandmother, who owns the house.

Having earlier this year discovered the plethora of food blogs available on “the Internet,” Mrs. Fitzpatrick is now baking tuna casserole for every meal in protest of her grandson’s blocking her computer access, a situation bound to escalate if things aren’t resolved before the family’s traditional Easter dinner.

“I threw away all my cookbooks when I learned you can just ask Mr. Google, “ said Mrs. Inkwell. “He’s such a nice man, now I learn about new holidays all the time.”

After staving off numerous attempts by Mrs. Fitzpatrick to introduce this blogger to “Mr. Google,” Mrs. Fitzpatrick showed me to the computer room—the heart of this radical demonstration.
The smell of Cheetos and cream soda was nearly overwhelming, as Fitzpatrick, wearing an ill-fitting Land of the Giants t-shirt held a sign saying “No Justice, No Peace, Fuck Tuition Fees,” blocking access to the household desktop computer.

“This is a sacrifice for everybody,” said Fitzpatrick, notably twitchy from the lack of forum communication. “But I feel we’re really making a difference here.”

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