Special Issue

  • I Seem Like an Average Straight Guy

    Should I Out Myself to Everyone I Meet?

    I came out just a few weeks before coming to Montreal.

  • Growing Up Gendered

    A Look at Transgender Issues From a Medical Perspective

    Those who think of gender as something as simple as being born a girl or a boy and growing up to become a woman or a man should think again.

  • The Space Issue

    An Introduction

    Space is somewhat of a vague topic. For many of us, the word calls to mind outer space. But what about space that’s closer to home? In our everyday lives…

  • Mapping the Main

    A Guide to Montreal’s Venues

    St. Laurent Blvd. and its surroundings represent one of the most vivid and thriving cultural arteries in town.

  • The Cost of Space

    How Construction Spending Is Eating Into University Operating Funds

    At first glance, it seems paradoxical: if Concordia University is so constantly plagued by budget troubles, where does it find the money to keep expanding?

  • Renewing Heritage Buildings

    The Darling Foundry, the Notman House and the Culture of Preservation

    It’s easy to sneer at bars, restaurants and cafes with an “industrial edge.”

  • The Link’s Guide to Bookstores and Cafes

    How to Find Salvation from the Snow

    Montreal in mid-February can seem like a dark, snowy hold you’ll never get out of.

  • Much More Than a City Park

    The Fight to Preserve Mount Royal Is Ongoing

    That giant park that gave our city its name has a lot going on, but most people don’t know it’s more than just a mountain.

  • To Clarify the Confusion:

    The word Indian is a legal term in Canada. As of a few weeks ago, non-status and Métis are now also considered Indians under the Constitutional Act of 1867.

  • Fixing the Cracks

    Canada Needs to Work to Mend Ties With Its Native Population

    What is a Canadian?

    No, seriously. Take a minute to think about that.