Special Issue

  • A Universal Language

    What Can Esperanto Do For You?

    The world is home to about 6,500 spoken languages.

  • Bienvenue à la classe d’accueil

    ‘Welcome Classes’ Introduce Immigrant Children to French Language, Quebec Culture

    Picture a class of children each from a different corner of the globe. Some have been in the country for a few weeks, others several months. There may be two or three from one country or another but only one speaks Spanish, one Arabic, one Ewondo…

  • Parlez-Vouz English?

    CEGEP Exchanges Offer Opportunities for Bilingualism

    With the job market’s consistently increasing competitiveness and fast pace, it feels like the further from the status quo our resumes are, the better our opportunities.

  • Bringing Down Dividing Barriers

    Quebec Must Let Go Of Its ‘Us vs. Them’ Mentality

    As I sat in my Intro to Psychology class last semester, I heard the professor say the words that best described my frustration with living in Quebec.

  • An English Perspective From a French Point of View

    Sitting Down with Student-Athletes Learning in English for the First Time

    For many Concordia students, this year marks their first time living in a big city.

  • Is Quebec’s Language Divide Played Up By the Media?

    Linguistic Rights and the Angryphone Movement

    Quebecers agree on a lot of things—language isn’t one of them.

  • A Culture of Many Cultures

    Quebec’s Language Laws Help No One

    Quebec’s culture must be preserved—but I don’t mean the one Pauline Marois has in mind when she says the same.

  • Smart Stuff for Your Smartphone

    From an app that tracks your bike rides to an open platform wrist watch, here are some of the coolest new add-ons for your smartphone.

  • Digital Touch

    Touching something from miles away is now not only a possibility, but a reality.

  • Kill Decision

    The Dangers of Developing Lethal Autonomous Drones

    How long before the “kill decision,” the critical choice to fire and take a life, is shifted from humans to software?