The Link

  • Student Journalism Week 2016 Kicks Off Saturday

    The Link is working with The McGill Daily and Le Délit to bring Student Journalism Week.

  • PBHT 49: The CIS Edition

    How do you get people involved into Canadian university sports? The PBHT crew try to answer that question and talk with The Ubyssey’s sports editor Koby Michaels, who challenged UBC students and fans to attend sporting events at their school. Special guests: Koby Michaels and Safia Ahmad.

  • The Race Issue

    The 2016 Race Special Issue brings to light narratives of people of colour that are too often under-represented in the media.

  • Editorial

    The Blame Game: Concordia, International Tuition, and How the Government’s Austerity Policy is the Problem

    Concordia’s international students should not have to suffer tuition hikes because of the university, but in turn, the university should not be forced to make difficult financial decisions as a result of austerity measures implemented by the provincial government.

  • The Media and Democracy Microsite Is Live

    Check out our special online issue on Media and Democracy now.

  • Editorial

    Concordia Admin Needs to Review the ABCs of Communication

    Concordia administration needs to deal with its serious inconsistencies in planning, assigning, withholding and unnecessarily prolonging tribunals.

  • PBHT48: Not Our 49th Edition

    DISCLAIMER: We made a mistake. This is our 48th edition but you’ll hear us talk about how it’s our 49th. Our bad!

    PBHT goes in for yet another episode! We talk CJLO Sports with Julian McKenzie, our interviews with Yvan Cournoyer, Anthony Calvillo, Alex Bilodeau and more from the Special Olympics Quebec Soirée, and finally, we talk about the time we tried to interview NHL All-Star John Scott. All this and more on the podcast. Special guest Safia Ahmad.

  • The Media and Democracy Issue

    The 2016 Media and Democracy Special Issue tackles freedom of information, opinion polls and police brutality.

  • Editorial: Canada Needs a to Give Homelessness a Formal Address

    Though Canada’s intentions may be good, homelessness will remain a systemic problem until we return it to the political table, and make it a serious part of the public conversation.

  • Editorial: Deregulation Needs to be Derailed

    Concordia’s international students must not face exponential tuition hikes as a result of the Quebec government’s decision to deregulate certain disciplines.

  • PBHT 47: eSports Edition

    The Pressbox Hat Trick talks eSports with special guests Carl Bindman, and Concordia eSports Association members Dimitri Kontogiannos and Alessandro Chiari.

  • PBHT46: Not In Toronto Edition

    Online sports editor Julian McKenzie wasn’t in town because he was at NASH, so the rest of the PBHT crew, that’s Vince Morello, Tristan D’Amours and Alex Perez, recorded a podcast. The recent trade rush in the NHL and Didier Drogba’s future with the Montreal Impact are on the docket.

  • Editorial: The Link Standards of Media Rhetoric, 2016

    The Link has outlined a few areas requiring a redefining of balance, and a refocusing of efforts for the coming year.

  • PBHT 45.5: Boxing Day Recap Edition

    Tristan D’Amours and Alex Perez recap a massive Boxing Day for Premier League football.

  • PBHT 45: I’m Feeling Chelsea Blue Edition + Habs

    Tristan D’Amours, Julian McKenzie, and Alex Perez of the Pressbox Hat Trick Podcast are joined by Moussa Sangere-Ponce, formerly of La Rotonde, the University of Ottawa’s French language independent newspaper. In this holiday special, the guys talk Jose Mourinho being fired as well as the Montreal Canadiens’ recent struggles and trade rumours.

  • PBHT 44: The Boys Are Back Edition

    The four horsemen, Tristan D’Amours, Julian McKenzie, Vince Morello, and Alex Perez, come together on the latest edition of the podcast. The foursome talk Julian’s first ever Habs game, Sportsnet’s $650k gift to the Concordia journalism department, the Canadiens, and Vince Morello’s famous “Tough Times” segment makes a return!

  • PBHT43: Blue Jays, MLS Cup & More

    Tristan D’Amours and Julian McKenzie are joined by special guests Matthew Shanahan and The Link’s news editor (and heartbroken New York Red Bulls fan) Jonathan Cook on the latest edition of the podcast.

  • Editorial: Concordia Administration Needs to Get its Act Together

    Stop hiding behind your Code of Rights and Responsibilities, Concordia administration. It’s failing students, and it looks like you don’t care.  

  • The Posterz: Set Aside Bullshit

    They’re young, wild, and simply just don’t give a damn. That’s how the Montreal group, The Posterz, may come across in their videos, but in reality they are “meticulous” about their music as they strive to sound like nobody you’ve ever heard.

  • PBHT42: Trenton Miller Edition

    Tristan D’Amours and Julian McKenzie are joined by Concordia Stingers quarterback Trenton Miller in the latest edition of the Pressbox Hat Trick Podcast.