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  • PBHT77: The “U Sports are Real Sports” Edition

    The CIS changed its name to U Sports. Tristan, Alex and Vince are not fans of this name, that’s putting it lightly. On Ep.77 of the Pressbox Hat Trick podcast, the guys go over the big events of last week: U Sports, Didier Drogba and Ballou Jean-Yves Tabla.

  • Editorial

    Concordia’s Plan for the Future

    In May, Concordia created a new working group as part of its graduate Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture—its focus: urban futures.

  • PBHT76: The Lance Stroll Edition (ft. Lance Stroll)

    On episode 76, Tristan D’Amours and Vince Morello talk to Canadian driver and the youngest Formula 3 champion Lance Stroll.

  • Editorial: Divest Properly, Divest Now

    The Link is in favour of 100 per cent divestment from fossil fuels.

  • Editorial: Is Concordia Truly a Fair Trade Campus?

    While The Link supports fair trade initiatives from Concordia, we think promoting our fair trade campus status, and hosting a Fair Trade Campus Week this early, is misleading.

  • PBHT75: The We Them Boys Edition (ft. Julian McKenzie)

    The World Cup of Hockey is over and Team Canada won against Team Europe, much to the pleasure of Vince Morello and to the displeasure of Tristan D’Amours. The boys also get a visit from original PBHT co-host Julian McKenzie. “Hey Tristan, we them boys.” – Vince Morello, 2016.

  • Editorial: Support Indigenous Resistance to the Tar Sands

    The actions we choose to take—or not take—to stop the Tar Sands will be among the defining characteristics of our generation.

  • PBHT74: The #CanPL Edition (ft. Steven Sandor)

    On episode 74 of the Pressbox Hat Trick podcast we’re talking Canadian soccer and specifically about the Canadian Premier League (or #CanPL) project the Canadian Soccer Association is targeting for 2018. Tristan D’Amours and Alex Perez speak to Steven Sandor of Plastic Pitch magazine about the dos and don’ts the CanPL should go for. In the second segment, Tristan is joined by Vince Morello and Safia Ahmad to make an update on the World Cup of Hockey and open some Tim Horton’s hockey cards.

  • Editorial

    Community-Based Research is the Key to HIV Destigmatization and Decriminalization

    Criminalizing HIV patients is less about justice than it is about appeasing the baseless fears of the general population. It’s time for a more effective solution.

  • PBHT73: The World Cup / Floro Edition (ft. Vince Morello)

    On episode 73 of the Pressbox Hat Trick podcast, Tristan speak to The Link’s assistant news editor and former sports editor Vince Morello about the World Cup of Hockey and reacts to the firing of Canadian national soccer team head coach Benito Floro.

  • Editorial: Why Concordia Needs an Institutional Equity Office

    Equity is a big deal—it’s important that university administration ensure all Concordia students a comfortable space in which to learn and succeed.

  • Editorial: Let’s Bring Homa Home

    International solidarity works. It has in the past, and it will in the future. Together, let’s bring Homa home.

  • Editorial

    The Cautionary Tale of Burritoville

    The Link asks that an independent and full debriefing on how and why Burritoville failed, so that we can learn from our mistakes and maintain accountability.

  • PBHT72: The Rhian Wilkinson Edition (ft. Rhian Wilkinson)

    After a one week break, the Pressbox Hat Trick podcast is back in full force! This week on the podcast, Rio 2016 bronze medalist and fullback for the Canadian National Soccer Team: Rhian Wilkinson. She talks about her Rio experience, beating the Brazilians in their own house for the bronze medal, Canadian cities capable of hosting an NWSL franchise and the future of Canadian women’s soccer.

  • Scratch x PBHT Crossover (ft. Rowjay)

    The guys from The Link’s Pressbox Hat Trick sports podcast, Tristan D’Amours and Alex Perez, teamed up with the creator of The Scratch blog, Julian McKenzie, to make the first PBHT-Scratch crossover on episode 71 of PBHT. On the podcast, the boys welcome Montreal rapper Rowjay. They talk about the influence of sports in his music, his appearance on the Major League Soccer web series The Movement and his upcoming track Pokemon Go, dropping on Sunday.

  • PBHT 71: The PBHT/The Scratch Crossover Edition (ft. Rowjay)

    It’s the first ever crossover between The Link’s Pressbox Hat Trick and Scratch hip hop blog on episode 71! Tristan and Alex are joined by Julian McKenzie (THE RETURN OF JULIAN!!!) to interview Montreal rapper Rowjay. They talk about his appearance on the Major League Soccer web series The Movement, as well as his relationship with sports and his new track coming out Sunday.

  • PBHT70: The Rio Update #1 & First Impressions Edition

    Tristan D’Amours and Safia Ahmad discuss the medals won by Canada at the Rio Olympics. In the 2nd segment, Tristan and Safia are joined by assistant news editor Vince Morello, sports writer Harrison Milo Rahajason and sports editor Alex Perez to talk about the first impression of Montreal Canadiens defenceman Shea Weber at Michel Therien’s golf tournament.

  • PBHT69: The Rio Edition

    Tristan D’Amours, Safia Ahmad and Alex Perez talk about the good, bad, and ugly of the upcoming Rio Olympic Games. What are they looking forward to the most? What is up with the goddamn water? Who the hell gave both the FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics to the same people in so little time??? The trio also talks about Safia’s latest Link newspaper feature in which she interview former Concordia Stinger and Rugby sevens Olympian for Canada, Bianca Farella

  • PBHT68: The Listicle Edition

    Back on Ep.50 of the Pressbox Hat Trick podcast, founding co-host Julian McKenzie laid out the idea to list out our favourite sports. Well, on Ep.68 Tristan D’Amours and Safia Ahmad do just that: A top 10 list of each other’s favourite sports. Curveballs and surprises included.

  • PBHT67: The (No) NWSL to Montreal/Vancouver? Edition (ft. Jorge Sanchez, Harjeet Johal)

    We talk women’s soccer on Ep.67 of Pressbox Hat Trick! Montreal Impact president and owner Joey Saputo mentioned during Wednesday night’s Meet the Members event that he passed on the opportunity to bring a women’s soccer franchise to Montreal. To talk about the situation and the new developments with the Quebec Soccer Federation, Tristan and Safia welcome good friend of the pod and Concordia Stingers women’s soccer coach Jorge Sanchez. Tristan also talks to Harjeet Johal of Red Nation Online and The Equalizer to talk about the similar situation that took place in Vancouver with the Whitecaps.