Jake Russell

  • POP Montreal Diary: Sax Sells with Saxsyndrum

    Saxsyndrum’s bombastic style of jazz-meets-electro-meets-funk usually sounds like it’s being pumped out by a full six-piece band—you’d never guess it’s just two guys with a saxophone and an arsenal of mixers and synthesizers at their fingertips.

  • POP Montreal Diary: Feeling the Transgender Dysphoria Blues with Against Me!

    The first time I saw Floridian punk rockers Against Me! live was at Warped Tour 2008, drenched in a writhing sea of sweaty teenagers, screaming along the lyrics to their folk anthem “Sink, Florida, Sink.”

  • Folk Master Flex

    Indie-Folk Sextet The Head and the Heart Discuss Newfound Fame, Sophomore Record and Bebop Jazz

    The carefree acoustic melodies and whimsical chords of Seattle indie-folk band The Head and the Heart are an ideal soundtrack to the warm spring breezes now kissing the Montreal city streets, teasing the glowing summer nights to come.

  • Sealing Off the Friend Zone

    Why The Sexist Concept Needs to Be Eradicated from our Dating Discourse

    Men who use this childish term seem to think that women owe them something, that friendship is just a regrettable stepping-stone to an inevitable romp in the hay.

  • Anatomy of a Strike

    Graphic Novelist Looks Back at Quebec Student Strike and Police Tactical Responses in New Book

    For American illustrator Sophie Yanow, being in Montreal during the Quebec student strike was pure happenstance.

  • Analog & Ironic

    The Found Footage Festival Resurrects Ridiculous VHS Tapes in Unique Comedy Show

    In the Internet age of whiny memes and re-posts galore, it can be hard to find fresh and original content. Enter the Found Footage Festival—a celebration of the weird, forgotten VHS tapes of a past era and home to some of the strangest footage on Earth.

  • A Matter of Art

    Art Matters Festival Celebrates 14 Years of Presenting Concordia Art in a Professional Capacity

    Art Matters is a testament to what Concordia students are capable of.

  • Phantom Rhythms

    Experimental Duo Phantogram to Play Laval After Releasing New Record ‘Voices’

    A “phantogram” is an optical illusion in which a two-dimensional image appears to enter our realm in the third. It should come as little surprise, then, that a band by the same name creates experimental genre-blending music that reaches far beyond the sum of its parts.

  • Get Ready for Action

    Concordia’s Sustainability Action Fund Sponsors University’s Green Ideas

    The greenhouse, the People’s Potato, Le Frigo Vert, the list goes on—just about anywhere you turn on Concordia’s campuses, sustainable hotspots are waiting for you to peruse. They don’t run on biofuel, however—even these green projects and others yet to be initiated need money to get started.

  • Skate, Drink, Slam, Repeat

    Montreal’s Premiere Skateboarding Bar Unveils Brand-New Bowl

    Nestled in a nook along St. Laurent Blvd.’s main strip, with a bulky metal door adorned with a wreath of shattered Maplewood skateboard decks, the thrash-hold to TRH-Bar is pretty discrete from the outside.

  • To Drink and Sing on the Breadline

    British Indie Outfit Lanterns On the Lake Bring Warm Vibes to Montreal

    A creaky wooden hall in the middle of nowhere with the bitter cold creeping in through every crack sounds better suited for the setting of a horror movie than a place to make a record.

  • Put Your (Jazz) Hands In the Air

    Weekly ‘Jazz Parties’ at Cabaret Playhouse Kick Off Sunday

    If you’ve ever found yourself bored on a slow Sunday night in Montreal, yearning for the excitement of the weekend to continue, Concordia graduate and musician Brandon Goodwin is looking at you—and wants to jazz up your life.

  • Kill Decision

    The Dangers of Developing Lethal Autonomous Drones

    How long before the “kill decision,” the critical choice to fire and take a life, is shifted from humans to software?

  • From Australia, With Love

    Australian Melodic Hardcore Band Northlane Crosses the Equator to Play Montreal

    If you’re at all familiar with the melodic hardcore music scene, Northlane have surely come under your radar by now.

  • Healing Hands

    Montreal Dream-Pop Artist Mekele Talks Binaural Beats and Working Solo

    The solo ambience of Mekele plays like the soundtrack to a dream—waves of synths wash over you and soothing vocals ease your thoughts into warm bliss. The experience is relaxing and even healing—and that’s precisely Mekele’s intention.

  • Smoking and Sipping

    Montreal Beatmaker Tommy Kruise Playing M for Montreal Festival

    A skateboarder with long headbanging hair who has an affinity for heavy metal music, it’s hard to compare hip-hop producer Tommy Kruise to anyone else in the music industry.

  • Fringe Giveaway—M for Montreal Show Tickets

    Want to see Montreal indie pop band TOPS play the M for Montreal festival along with experimental duo Phèdre and local fusion group Pat Jordache? We have a pair of tickets for you and a friend!

  • Let It Enfold You

    Immersive Experimental Film ‘Six Mil Antennas – The Final Cut’ Screens for Second Run in the SATosphere

    If you’ve never before beheld the glory of a full-dome theatre, you’ve come to the right city—Montreal’s multi-platform venue La Societé des Arts Technologiques is continuing to break ground in the international arena by screening experimental works in its massive exhibition dome, the SATosphere.

  • Surviving the Great White North

    New Documentary ‘Arctic Defenders’ Tells the Tale of Inuit Families’ Forced Relocation—And How They Made the Most of it

    To most Canadians, the High Arctic is a place shrouded in mystery.

  • Saxophones & Zombies: Saxsyndrum’s “Future Circus” Halloween Launch

    If you’ve got jazz fever or a dancing itch that simply must be scratched, I highly recommend a large dose of Saxsyndrum’s super-catchy medicine.