Athina Lugez


    Critical Hit is redefining the gaming industry with its mandate to convey messages of social change in upcoming video game developments.

  • Primal Urges

    Progressive Indie Four-Piece Bend Sinister Followed their Instincts on New Record ‘Animals’

    For West Coast indie band Bend Sinister, walking through a park or down the street is like turning on National Geographic—the band is fascinated with the idea that humans are no different from the beasts in the wild, choosing to base their latest album on humanity’s primal nature.

  • Lo’Jo Still Has the Mojo

    French Group Shares Fondest Memories from 32 Years of Travels, Music and Adventures

    Globe-trotting French band Lo’Jo have a long and wild history.

  • Six Montreal Restaurants You Haven’t Heard Of (But Need To)

    Looking to grab some grub over the weekend? Dig into these five new restaurants that are trending on the Isle of Montreal.

  • Rooted In Music

    Orchestral Folk-Pop Band Lost In the Trees Share Their Organic, Creative Process

    Ari Picker wanted to give his band “a dramatic feel to it” when he decided upon the moniker Lost in the Trees in 2007. Coincidentally, it’s the band’s music, not its name, that is helping keep Canada’s wilderness alive.

  • Art In the Lenses

    Artist Lucy Soutter to Explore the ‘Photographicness’  of Contemporary Art in Concordia Lecture

    It’s likely you’ve heard this cynical idiom that exists within the art world and other disciplines: “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” It might apply to your fresh-faced economics professor, but it certainly doesn’t apply to British artist Lucy Soutter.