• Rebounds Abound

    Stingers’ Goalie Struggles With Bouncing Puck

    Bad luck and a stingy Carabin goaltender stood in the way of the Concordia’s women’s hockey team’s chances of advancing to the next round. The Montreal Carabins cruised to a 4-2 victory at the Ed Meagher Arena.

  • Concordia Stung by Redman

    Three goals within 10 minutes effectively nipped this final in the bud within the first period, as the McGill Redmen comfortably offed the Concordia Stingers at the Ed Meagher Arena to lift the Corey Cup on Sunday.

  • The Fight

    Riley starts looking around Lumphini Stadium for someone to bet with.

  • The Most Dangerous Game

    Exhilaration of the Hunt Draws New Players to the Game of Paintball

    At Action 500 paintball warehouse, players come to participate in one of the world’s fastest growing sports.

  • Playing Catch-up

    Stingers Narrowly Seal Victory

    They got a little banged up, but Concordia’s men’s basketball team finally struck back against the UQAM Citadins in a 94-87 decision Friday at the Loyola Gym.

  • N-O-T   T-H-E   S-A-M-E

    Athletic Cheerleaders should not be Confused with the Superbowl Variety

    There are many words in the English language that have multiple connotations. However the term “Cheerleader,” usually isn’t recognized as one of them—and it should be.

  • Integral Intervals

    The Importance of the Oft-Overlooked Interval Training

    Interval training is a form of exercise that is seen by many personal trainers as an integral part of any workout.

  • Comeback Falls Short

    Frustration dissolves Concordia’s cool

    Concordia’s men’s hockey team was on a mission last Wednesday when they took on the McGill Redmen at the McConnell arena. For the majority of the game it nearly worked,

  • Former Stinger Drafted

    Cory Greenwood signed to the Kansas City Cheifs

    Training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs may have featured hot temperatures and been labeled a “grind” for former Concordia Stingers linebacker Cory Greenwood

  • New Blood

    Stingers football fans can look to next season with optimism,