Role Reversal at Le Gym

  • Graphic: Morag Rahn-Campbell

Don’t you hate being that one guy in the lifting area with all those intimidating buff girls around you?

It seems like men are shy to lift weights and use the squat rack because women are too busy doing their routines. They feel like they need to prove they are good enough to train there, trying to validate their presence.

Guys at Le Gym get annoyed when women ask if they’re almost done with their sets, even when they just started. Women seem to ask men if they need help putting back weights, because it can be a little too heavy for them.

One of my friends decided to go against the flow—he stopped doing yoga and cardio workouts and is taking on weights, like a woman! He’s very upset that men are still seen as the weaker gender in this day and age. So after class, he picks out his favourite gym outfit and trains hard. For himself, for his body and for his wellbeing.

He’s also very frustrated by the media, and he has the right to be. Muscular men are seen as being less attractive. Look at all the negative comments that male Olympic athletes got this summer, based solely on their appearances.

In Vancouver some gyms have lifting areas just for men so they don’t feel undermined by women when they are working out. Will Le Gym at Concordia have to take this measure so men feel comfortable when they work out? I sure hope not.

To all the women out there reading this, please, tone it down. Let the men have their space.

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