Letter: Vote Speak Up On March 27-28-29

When you vote for the new Concordia Student Union executive, vote for one team: vote for Speak Up.

This past year, we’ve had a mixed team in the CSU executive and we are no better for it. We’ve had one resignation, executives not trusted to do the roles their positions traditionally entail, mismanagement of funds, and lack of communication on the part of those same members, one of which is running once again.

It has also seen the executive-in-question become rather friendly with university administrators instead of fighting for their constituents. Concordia undergraduates now have the chance to speak up and let them and any future CSU representative know that this is unacceptable.

Having been both an executive and employee at the CSU, I understand the sense of responsibility and reliability that is required in the position and believe that the only team that is truly up for this challenge is Speak Up.

Not only are they qualified for these jobs, they have developed a plan that is relevant and thought through on mental health and wellness, a survivor-centered sexual violence policy, student voice and democracy in the classroom, racism and discrimination, sustainability, jobs and paid internships, electoral reform for diverse and effective representation, participatory budgeting, financial transparency and accountability, and an expansion of coverage in the health and dental plan. I encourage all to read their full platform on their slate’s Facebook page, which was made available as of the first day of campaigning. As they are the only team currently campaigning in person they’ve demonstrated an understanding of the importance of their fellow students voices and respect their fellow students enough to listen to them.

The CSU should not be seen as a stepping-stone into a political career or as a blip on a resume, it should be seen as a representative body for students and a provider of services deeply needed within our community. It should be something people run for because they care about their peers.

On March 27, 28, 29 vote for the team that has agreed on their shared values and is willing to work together. Vote for the team that is willing to put in the work to make our union effective and empowered. Vote for those who are willing to keep themselves accountable so that they can ask the same from Concordia administrators and the provincial government. Vote for the members of Speak Up.