• Anarchy in the Streets

    Rocks were thrown. Windows were smashed. Flash-bang grenades were launched. And the age-old battle of police versus protesters continued on March 15, as the annual Anti-Police Brutality March ended as it so often does: in mass arrests.

  • An Education in Parenting

    Strikes, Hikes and Students With Children

    Not too far away from the annual ode to public drunkenness that is Montreal’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, a very different kind of procession was going on. Green novelty hats and “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” t-shirts were replaced with red felt patches and signs denouncing tuition hikes as the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante…

  • Vindicated Candidates

    CSU Reinstates Laforest, Gallardo for CSU Election

    Two heads, as they say, are better than one.

  • Faculty Associations Turn Out Against the Strike

    Over the past two weeks, many faculty and member associations have held separate General Assemblies allowing their members to vote on joining the strike movement against raising tuition.

  • Another Petition, Another GA

    Students to Vote on Extending Strike, Minimum Agreement

    It’s back to the assembly for Concordia students next week.

  • A Better Concordia Candidate Profiles

    A rundown of all ‘A Better Concordia’ Candidates

  • Making Cents of the Strike

    CSU Sets Aside $9K for Strike Fund

    CSU Councillors voted last Wednesday to set aside $9,000 for striking student associations.

  • Concordia Could Be Candidate Profiles

    A rundown of your ‘Concordia Could Be’ Candidates.

  • GUSS Going Strong

    Geo and Enviro Students Vote Strike in GA

    Geography and environment students gave the strike a green light Monday night, voting to continue boycotting classes until its next general assembly in a week’s time.

  • A Peace Best Served Cold

    A Conversation with the Egyptian and Israeli Consul Generals

    After the revolution in Egypt last year, many questions have arisen around the position of Egypt’s international relations, including the peace treaty with Israel. To answer these questions, both the Israeli and Egyptian Consul Generals spoke at Concordia on March 14.