• Judicial Board Rules

    Standing Regulations Violations Lead to CEO Switch

    The search for a Chief Electoral Officer continued last week as the Judicial Board—an independent ruling body of the Concordia Student Union—voted unanimously on Nov. 2 that the appointment of the former CEO by last year’s Council was conducted in violation of the standing regulations, and nullified his position.

  • ConU Academic Plan Approved by Senate

    Students’ Concerns Dismissed

    After an hour of debate, Concordia’s Senate voted by secret ballot to adopt a new five-year academic plan for the university, despite rampant student opposition. In total, 26 Senators voted in favour of the plan, and 19 voted in opposition.

  • ASFA, GSA to Strike on Nov. 10

    Thousands of ConU Students Expected in the Streets

    Two student associations, representing over 27,000 students, have been mandated to strike on Nov. 10, the day of action against tuition increases.

  • CEO Confusion

    CSU Judicial Board Looks Into CEO Appointment

    The Concordia Student Union’s November referendum and byelection has been pushed back a week after the legitimacy of Chief Electoral Officer Bram Goldstein was called into question at a CSU Council meeting on Oct. 26.

  • McGill Society Puts Occupy in Perspective

    Spending a Thursday night in a crowded Plateau apartment living room may not sound out of the ordinary, until you hear the scope of conversation: radical, systemic change. A hand-written sign on the door read, “Global Cuts, Global Struggles…

  • The Case of the Missing Councillor

    The World Series may be over, but the three-strike rule is still in effect at the Concordia Student Union.

  • An Activist in the Assembly

    MNA Amir Khadir Wants Tuition Frozen and More Options in Politics

    Although the province is a hotbed for progressive ideas, its political landscape is still defined by a 250-year-old language debate.

  • Bonus Money

    Extra $10K Given to CEO and Deputies After 2011 Election

    During a “preliminary meeting” of the Judicial Board on the morning of Oct. 28, it was revealed the former Chief Electoral Officer and three Deputy Electoral Officers received $10,000 in bonus money to attend JB meetings at the close of last year’s election.

  • Zoo York

    Occupy Wall Street Becomes a Tourist Attraction

    New York, NY — The corner of Broadway St. and Liberty St. in New York City brings together diverse crowds these days. Since mid-September, ranks of stoic police officers have been standing in juxtaposition to the milling hive of verbose protesters. Lately, a third group can be added to the mix: crowds of picture-snapping tourists.

  • ASFail

    Despite being called a joint information meeting to inform students about tuition hikes, the Arts and Science Federation of Associations and the Concordia Student Union failed to educate more than a handful of students.