• Students Join International Women’s Day March

    A March 8 International Women’s Day demonstration collided with several other protests all taking place in downtown Montreal today.

  • GUSS GA Update

    Chair Threatens to Charge Student Protesters

    Geography, Environmental Students and Urban Studies students are still preventing professors from entering classrooms despite a threatening letter from chair Dr. David Greene.

  • Riot Cops End Student Vigil

    Protesters Gather After Student Hit by Stun Grenade

    A student vigil was violently broken up by riot cops near Berri-UQAM the night of March 7.

  • Student Tuition Protest Ends in Violence

    Riot Police Stop Attempted Occupation of CREPUQ Offices, Student May Lose Eye

    A large impromptu student protest against tuition hikes moved through Montreal’s busy downtown streets March 8.

  • Strike Three

    Vote for One Week Strike Passed at CSU General Assembly

    An overwhelming majority of attendees who showed up to today’s Concordia Student Union General Assembly have voted for a one week strike starting March 15.

  • PSSA Strike Cancelled Amid Controversy

    Questions Surrounding GA Lead to Calls for Exec Impeachment

    Early Tuesday morning, the Political Science Student Association sent an email to its membership informing them that the strike motion was to be cancelled until further notice.

  • Class Cancelled by Consensus

    First-Year Theatre Students Hold Picket Line, Public Recitation

    A standoff between first-year theatre students and their professor ended in a majority vote to cancel class on Tuesday afternoon.

  • Candid Candidates

    It’s that time of year again. Campaigning has begun for the Concordia Student Union’s general election.

  • Profs and Picketing

    First Strike Day Sees Cancelled Classes, Partial Compromise

    With six student-run faculty associations (and counting) officially adopting strike mandates on tuition increases following General Assemblies last week, the boycotting of classes at Concordia has officially begun.

  • “They Never Killed My Spirit”

    Kenyan Parliamentary Candidate Flora Terah Talks Gender Equality

    The fight for the participation of women in Kenyan politics has been an uphill battle, one that member of parliament hopeful Flora Terah has paid for dearly.