• A Look at the Levies

    Every year, when Concordia Student Union elections rolls around, there’s another group asking for student money, and these groups are starting to pile up.

  • An Almost One-Sided Debate

    Low Turn Out for Student Union Debates

    Although all but a single executive position is uncontested in this year’s Concordia Student Union elections, campaigning continued this week with two debates between candidates.

  • A Very Different Day of Action

    Student Protest Cut Short by Mass Arrests

    The police continued with a recent trend last night: breaking up protests before they even get to start.

  • From The Archives: Anti-Police Brutality

    The annual Anti-Police Brutality march has been an institution for the past 17 years. Here’s a look back at notable events from past demonstrations

  • Link Radio | March 21, 2013

    This week we cover the upcoming CSU general elections, Friday’s Anti-Police Brutality protest and how the police are clamping down on demonstrations. Also, a look at funding cuts at Concordia, Elizabeth May came to Concordia this weekend and the greenhouse is looking for a fee levy. All this and more on Link Radio.

  • 45 Arrests At ‘Manif du Soir’

    Night Protests Starting Up Again in Montreal

    Protest season has sprung up again in Montreal.

  • Education Pivotal in Quebec Liberal Race

    Liberals Choose Former Health Minister Couillard as Leader

    Philippe Couillard wants to make Quebec’s brainpower his priority.

  • No “One-Issue Party”

    Elizabeth May Shares Green Perspective at Concordia

    When Elizabeth May spoke at Concordia this weekend, she didn’t hold back.

  • Concordia’s Greenhouse in Need of Some Green

    Sustainability Concordia’s Project Seeks Fee Levy in Upcoming Elections

    Perched on the 13th floor of Concordia’s Henry F. Hall Building is a sanctuary above the city, a safe haven of plants and quietude that features a vista that’s perfect for studying or contemplating the city. It’s also a sanctuary that’s asking students for some money.

  • The Great Slate Debate

    While election season may be in full swing, the Concordia Student Union executive candidates have little to compete for, as VP Finance is the only one of the union’s paid representative jobs that’s contested.