• Occupiers Evicted

    Montreal’s Occupy Encampment Closed Down

    The Occupy Montreal encampment in Square Victoria was torn down on Nov. 25, following an eviction notice from the city four days earlier.

  • Journalism Licences Could Be The Future

    Journalist Beryl Wajsman Speaks on Accreditation

    Journalists in Quebec could find themselves losing that exact title, if a bill being debated in the National Assembly is passed. Beryl Wajsman, Editor in Chief of The Suburban…

  • Activists Meet to Resist Harper

    Plans Made to Mark One-Year Anniversary Conservative Majority

    Even though Stephen Harper’s Conservatives won a four-year majority in parliament last May, activists haven’t given up in trying to boot him out of office.

  • Concordia ‘Staches’ Cash

    Psychology Students In High-Stakes Movember Race

    Over $7500 have been raised by a Concordia Movember team in the fight against prostate cancer—and the campaign isn’t over yet. The team consists of 34 co-ed members from Concordia’s Center for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology,

  • Money Matters

    Even a cursory glance at the auditor’s report and statement of salaries of Concordia’s upper management, presented to the Board of Governors on Nov. 17, reveals one fact immediately: a lot of dollars come through the university door.

  • Activists Launch Copycat Website

    Web Parody Undermines Gov’t’s Pro-Tuition Hike Message

    Student activists have taken to more than just the streets in their efforts to halt tuition hikes.

  • Protectors’ Policy

    It’s a dangerous world out there. Luckily for you, Concordia has numerous policies in place aimed at keeping you safe. Here’s a look at some of the things keeping you out of harm’s way.

  • Secure in the Knowledge

    Concordia Security Keeps an Eye Out for You—and on You

    Riot cops, pepper spray, and tear gas. Police on both bikes and horses roughhousing students.

  • MUNACA Memo to Minister

    Striking McGill Union Sends Complaints to Beauchamp

    MUNACA’s grievances towards the McGill Administration were hand delivered in a letter by Kevin Whitaker, the President of MUNACA. “The campus is no longer a safe environment for higher learning, instead it is one of fear and violence,” said Whitaker. “We believe that because this is a public institute, the ministry has the ability—not to mention the responsibility—to come in and have a clear investigation as to what this administration is truly doing to its students and its staff.”

  • Food and Finances

    ConU’s Food Services Lost $203K Last Year

    A $203,000 loss under ‘food services’ is the figure that sticks out most blatantly from an auditor’s report on Concordia’s finances that was issued last week, but actual food operations only account for a $51,000 loss, according to university administrators