• The Changing Tide

    Growing Number of CEGEP Students Vote Down Strike

    The student movement suffered a serious blow on August 13 as three consecutive CEGEPs voted to either end or suspend the months-long strike.

  • “A New Chapter”

    CLASSE Rallies Following Summer Tour

    They may have lost their iconic frontman last week, but CLASSE is ready to kickstart a new chapter in the student movement.

  • Follow the Money

    A look some of the more significant political donations from Concordia’s senior administration.

  • GSA GA Fails to Meet Quorum

    CLASSE Dominates Agenda Points,  Discussion

    The Concordia University Graduate Students’ Association held a general assembly on July 12 that again failed to reach the necessary quorum.

  • Nothing Else

    Federal Volunteer Program Katimavik to End After Funding Cut

    “There’s nothing else. It’s true that youth can go to college or university and have an experience, but this is affecting communities because programs will be cut. A direct hit on the community will be felt.”

  • GGI Crash Course

    Timeline of Quebec Student Conflict

    Luckily for you, we’ve put together a timeline detailing ghost of grèves past to provide the confidence you need to drop some serious strike knowledge when your aunt goes off about those “whining students” at the next family dinner.

  • Done With Donations

    On July 16, Jack and Judith Kornblatt wrote an email to Concordia staff titled “We will no longer donate […] Concordia squanders money on administrator salaries and perks,” they wrote in the email, which was also delivered to outgoing president Frederick Lowy…

  • Who Framed The Food Truck?

    Montreal Readying To Embrace Street Food

    The law prohibiting food trucks in Montreal was implemented in 1947 on the grounds of public health and hygiene has not been changed since.

  • Underwhelmed and Overheating

    Provincewide Day of Action Sees Relatively Low Turnout

    Another Day of Action on June 22 saw people across the province demonstrate in what has become a monthly tradition of large-scale, coordinated protests.

  • From Printemps Érable to Printemps Espagne

    Two-Week Strike Held at Spanish Universities

    On May 22, while students and opponents of Bill 78 flooded the streets of Montreal, a similar protest was taking place in Spain.