• Against the Academic Plan

    Provost Pitches, CSU Votes Against Five-Year Plan

    While the Concordia Senate is still deciding how it feels about the new five-year academic plan, the Student Union has taken a stance—voting to not accept the plan in its current state during Wednesday’s Council meeting.

  • Cancelling the Cleric

    Muslim Student Association Pulls Out of Controversial Event

    The speech was to be given by British Imam Abdur-Raheem Green, who has been criticized for allegedly calling for harsh punishments for homosexuality, condoning domestic violence towards women and controversial remarks about Islamic-Jewish relations.

  • How to Build a Revolution

    One Week Later, Occupy Montreal Holds Fast

    Braving the bitter cold, rain and hail that many thought would dissuade the Montreal version of the massive, worldwide protest Occupy Wall Street, over 200 tents have stayed pitched in Victoria Square over the last week—and the occupiers aren’t going anywhere.

  • NDP Gets Behind Striking Mcgill Workers

    The National Democratic Party showed up in full force to support striking McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association workers Friday, by publicly attending a rally at the number-one school in the country and encouraging strikers to settle the dispute out of court.

  • Capital Idea

    Students Gather Against Tuition Increases in Quebec City

    As members of Quebec’s National Assembly went back to work on Friday, they were welcomed with chants of, “Students, united, will never be defeated.”

  • FASA Finances

    “It was a pretty small error [online], but the implications are pretty big,” said FASA President Paisley Sim. “We all make the same amount of money. I wouldn’t be okay with [making more than my executives] at all. It’s inappropriate.”

  • Keeping Up With MUNACA

    Strike Coordinator Gets Cuffed

    On Oct. 14, Joan O’Malley—a 63-year-old woman and striking non-faculty employee of McGill University—was forcefully arrested in the entrance to the Bonaventure Hotel, as McGill’s labour dispute grew even more heated.

  • The Occupiers Project

    Photojournalist Peter Haeghaert spent the better part of his week camping out at Occupy Montreal, capturing the faces of protestors he met. Hoping to discover more about the movement that has gained international traction, Haeghaert said he felt it was important to document.

  • ‘What’s Wrong With The System?’

    Protesters Demand Answers at Second Annual March for Victims of Police Violence

    Holding their second annual march and vigil on a chilly Saturday afternoon, the Justice for Victims of Police Killings Coalition demanded “dignity, justice and truth” for their slain kin.

  • Virgin Radio Shaves Heads, Raises Cash For Cancer Research

    Breast cancer awareness month is coming to a close, but it’s still not too late to shave a head for cancer—or just to donate to the cause. Virgin Radio 96 is hosting their 11th annual Shave to Save campaign this month as part of the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.