• Making Cents of the Strike

    CSU Sets Aside $9K for Strike Fund

    CSU Councillors voted last Wednesday to set aside $9,000 for striking student associations.

  • Concordia Could Be Candidate Profiles

    A rundown of your ‘Concordia Could Be’ Candidates.

  • GUSS Going Strong

    Geo and Enviro Students Vote Strike in GA

    Geography and environment students gave the strike a green light Monday night, voting to continue boycotting classes until its next general assembly in a week’s time.

  • A Peace Best Served Cold

    A Conversation with the Egyptian and Israeli Consul Generals

    After the revolution in Egypt last year, many questions have arisen around the position of Egypt’s international relations, including the peace treaty with Israel. To answer these questions, both the Israeli and Egyptian Consul Generals spoke at Concordia on March 14.

  • Charest Brings Unwanted Guests to Google Press Conference

    Hundreds of students surrounded Google’s new Montreal headquarters, which were being unveiled at a press conference with Premier Jean Charest on March 20.

  • Shut ‘Er Down

    Concordia University to Close for March 22 Day of Action

    Concordia University announced it will be shutting down on March 22 for the province-wide protest against the increasing tuition fees.

  • Families March Against Tuition Hikes

    Red Squares Take Over Parc Lafontaine

    Over 10,000 people gathered at Parc Lafontaine this morning in a family–friendly demonstration against impending tuition increases. Dogs, strollers, parents and their children marched down St. Denis St. to the office of the Minister of Education.

  • Walking Out on FASA

    Quorum Not Met, Strike Continues

    Fine Arts students waited for two hours on March 16 before quorum was reached at their Special General Meeting, which was called to discuss the ongoing Fine Arts Student Alliance strike mandate and to decide whether it should continue.

  • A Predictably Violent Anti-Brutality Protest

    Approximately 1,200 protesters marched through downtown Montreal for the annual Anti-Police-Brutality protest, which, as usual, erupted into violence shortly after starting.

  • Concordia Kicks Off Strike

    Students March for Accessible Education

    The Concordia Student Union kicked off it’s strike mandate today leading over 300 protesters on a march through downtown Montreal.