• Olive Harvest Celebration at ConU

    Amnesty International Brings Plight of Farmers to Montreal

    The annual Palestinian olive harvest was celebrated at Concordia last Sunday to highlight the struggles of olive farmers in the occupied Palestinian territories.

  • Currently Concordia Kicks Off

    A new radio show on CJLO is hoping to hit home with Concordia students.

  • Organizing an Occupation

    The Nuts and Bolts of Victoria Square’s Protest City

    At first glance, Occupy Montreal is a ramshackle series of tents, people and supplies. Chaotically spread out in Victoria Square, the center of Montreal’s financial district, it appears to have no rhyme or reason.

  • Call Me Ismail

    New CSU CEO Already Prepping for Elections

    Confusion over the hiring, and firing, of the Concordia Student Union Chief Electoral Officer last week overshadowed the position’s immediate responsibility—organizing the byelection taking place in three weeks.

  • Part Time Faculty Backs Strike

    CUPFA Calls out “Bad Management,” Supports Student

    Concordia University’s Part-time Faculty Association released a statement last week officially supporting students on the Nov. 10 Day of Action, calling for us to “Occupy [the] Government” and “defend accessibility to a university education.”

  • Exit the Eatery

    Brochetterie Rodos to Be Replaced by Condos

    The landmark Côte-des-Neiges restaurant Brochetterie Rodos was still operating, as it had for 30 years on Queen Mary Rd., when the wrecking ball came for it in the early morning of Oct. 17. Rodos’ owner Christina Yotis was awaiting a judicial hearing concerning her eviction by condo developers, Allprime Property Inc.

  • FA$A

    Fine Arts Executive Honorariums Officially Up

    The Fine Arts Student Alliance budget, which includes an increase in executive honorariums, was officially passed at the FASA meeting on Nov. 1.

  • Striking Up a Debate

    ASFA and GSA Hold Symbolic Vote in Advance of Nov. 10

    Graduate students and students in the Arts and Science Federation of Associations voted for a one-day strike on Nov. 10, joining 140,000 students across the province also confirmed to be on strike for the Day of Action against tuition hikes.

  • Charting a New Academic Course

    Senate Approves Five-Year Plan Despite Student Objections

    After an hour of debate, Concordia’s Senate voted by secret ballot to adopt a new five-year academic plan for the university, despite rampant student opposition.

  • Judicial Board Rules

    Standing Regulations Violations Lead to CEO Switch

    The search for a Chief Electoral Officer continued last week as the Judicial Board—an independent ruling body of the Concordia Student Union—voted unanimously on Nov. 2 that the appointment of the former CEO by last year’s Council was conducted in violation of the standing regulations, and nullified his position.