• Restoration Project Likely to Gentrify Atwater Neighbourhood

    The term revitalization might conjure up images of a lush, green sanctuary in the heart of a bustling downtown metropolis—but in the case of Cabot Square, some activists say it’s an example of a whitewashed area in a gentrifying city.

  • Who is @Peter_Kruyt?

    During a heated Board of Governors meeting Sept. 28, while Chairman Peter Kruyt effectively killed future undergraduate student representation on the Board, another Peter Kruyt was born.

  • Planning Ahead

    Senate Discusses Long-Term Goals and Governance at Monthly Meeting

    The Concordia Board of Governors might be done, but Senate is just getting warmed up.

  • The Ballerina and the Bull

    Adbusters’ Micah White on ‘The Last Great Social Movement’

    Poised atop the bull, which is an iconic—and possibly ironic—symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity, the ballerina extends her arms, her leg, serenely posed against the grey skies.

  • On Location at the Occupation

    The Link Goes to Wall Street

    NEW YORK CITY, NY—The Occupy Wall Street protester looks like he could have come straight out of a 1960s hippie commune, with his thick dreadlocks and unkempt beard. He calmly sips a large coffee; it’s early Tuesday and he hasn’t gotten much sleep.

  • CSU to Spend up to $160k on Space Study

    The Faubourg deal may be dead, but the money lives on.

  • Outcry Outside an Office

    Students Protest Tuition Hikes at Ministry of Education

    With signs held aloft and plastic horns, megaphones and whistles turning the peaceful fall air into a roiling cacophony, several hundred students gathered outside the office of Quebec Education Minister Line Beauchamp on Oct. 5 to protest looming increases to university tuition.

  • Stephen Lewis Talks Cancer at ConU

    Fight Against Cancer Needs Student Engagement, says Former Ambassador

    Students have the power to change the face of the fight against cancer, was the message of Stephen Lewis, a former Canadian politician and UN ambassador, at a stop off in Montreal.

  • Community Occupation

    Working Together on Occupying Wall Street

    With over 1, 000 people camping out in New York City’s Zuccotti Park as part of the Occupy Wall Street protests, tight organization has become a necessity. “The organization of the park has grown immensely over the last couple days,” said one organizer going by the name Paul of the protests, now entering their third week.

  • Why Are You Occupying Wall Street?

    Many People Cite Many Reasons to Protest in NYC

    The occupiers of Wall Street are now in their third week of protest against… well, too many things to name. Setting up camp since Sept. 17, the collection of people camping out in front of the New York Stock Exchange have set off a movement that has grown beyond the Big Apple.