• ECA Adopts “More Enforceable Ban” On Disrespectful Chants

    Council Creates School Spirit Committee to Oversee New Songbook Creation

    Following the controversy over “sexist, violent, and degrading” chants sometimes sung at engineering events, the Engineering and Computer Science Association created a Student Spirit Committee at its council meeting Monday night mandated to make a songbook “free of crudeness and obscenity.”

  • How the CSU Plans to Pay $42,000 in Back Taxes

    Interest from Student Space Fund Will Keep Union from Posting Budgetary Loss

    The Concordia Student Union will pay off its $42,000 in overdue taxes partially using a somewhat off-the-books bank account holding interest amassed from fees collected over the years for a new student centre, according to CSU VP Finance Scott Carr.

  • Concordia’s Global Engineering Week to Discuss Sustainable Approaches to Engineering

    With a name that conjures up images of globetrotting engineers bringing infrastructure to impoverished nations, one might imagine a week of events organized by Concordia’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders to be composed of lectures and seminars about engineering in developing countries.

  • CSU Electoral Officer Warns Pre-Campaigning Will Hurt More Than Help

    New Rules Target Fee-Levy Groups Contravening Campaign Regulations

    Ahead of the upcoming Concordia Student Union general elections, which will include a vote on contentious fee-levy reforms, the CSU’s chief electoral officer is implementing new ways to deal with violations of election regulations.

  • Arts and Science Students Heading to the Polls

    15 Candidates Seeking Executive Position in ASFA Elections

    A bumper crop of candidates is running for the seven executive positions in the Arts and Science Federation of Associations’ elections taking place from March 4 to March 6.

  • Teaching and Research Assistants Rally for a Contract

    Negotiations Ongoing Between Concordia and TRAC Union

    Despite an outside temperature of minus-16 degrees Celsius, Concordia teaching and research assistants assembled Monday morning to voice their concerns as negotiations for a new collective agreement continued between their union—Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia—and the university.

  • ECA Speaks Out Against Disrespectful Chants

    Motion Passed by Student Association Recognizes “Crude and Sexually Explicit Nature” of 14 Chants

    Less than a month after McMaster University suspended a student group over “sexist, violent and degrading material” in a songbook, Concordia’s Engineering and Computer Science Association took a similar stance on certain engineering chants they consider disrespectful and distasteful.

  • CSU Owes $42,000 in Back Taxes

    Non-Resident Tax on Speakers and Artists Unknowingly Unpaid for Years

    You can’t put a price on fun, but the Concordia Student Union is finding out the hard way that you can tax it.

  • Talking with the CASA President-elect

    John Molson business students had the option to make 2014-2015 a “Good” year, but if last month’s Commerce and Administration Students’ Association elections are any indication, voters believe Michael Richardson will give them a great one.

  • Activist Chris Crass Talks Feminism for Men

    Crass to Keynote Centre for Gender Advocacy Event

    Feminism isn’t just for women—but how do you bring guys into the fold?