• Concordia University President Alan Shepard to Serve Second Term

    “I was very pleased to be reappointed at Concordia,” Shepard said in an interview last Wednesday.

  • No Money, No Problem

    CSU Forgives Massive Debt Owed by CUSAcorp

    The Concordia Student Union announced it will forgive the $1.4 million debt that their for-profit subsidiary, CUSAcorp owed.

  • ASFA Grad Ball Cancelled

    Federation Cancels First Ever Graduation Ceremony

    The Arts and Science Federation of Associations’ first attempt at hosting an official grad ball will not come to fruition this year.

  • Vigil for Aleppo

    McGill Syrian Student Association Shows Support for Victims in Syria

    A moment of silence was held for the people of Aleppo and Syria on May 4, 2016.

  • Laptop Thefts At Concordia

    Investigation Underway To Identify Suspect

    The investigation began when the string of thefts started in October 2015, according to Societe de Police de la Ville Montreal media representative Abdullah Enmar.

  • CSU Loyola Greenhouse “Would Not be Possible”

    Budget and Building Codes Cited as Main Issues

    The Concordia Student Union’s greenhouse project on the Loyola campus has been canceled until further notice.

  • Concordia Researchers Organize First-Of-Its-Kind Conference

    Loyola Sustainability Research Centre links environment, public health and conflict.

    Studies have linked deforestation in Africa as one of the causes of the Ebola outbreak, but two Concordia University researchers believe that another factor may have influenced the spread of the virus: conflict.

    This idea encouraged Dr. Peter Stoett, Director of the Loyola Sustainability Research Centre, and his colleague Adan Suazo to organize a conference called, “Avoiding Catastrophe: Linking Armed Conflict, Harm to Ecosystems, and Public Health” that will take place from May 4 to 6.

  • Montreal May Day Protests Erupt In Violence, Arrests

    Anti-Capitalist Demonstration Began Peacefully, Devolved After An Hour

    Clashes erupted about an hour into the march when protesters began launching what appeared to be rocks, eggs, and fireworks towards police officers who were lined-up in front of Station 20 on Ste. Catherine St., shattering some of the building’s windows.

  • Nuit Debout Demonstrations Continue in Montreal

    Demonstrators Gathered To Address Various Societal Issues

    Nearly 200 people gathered for the city’s first official Nuit Debout occupation at Phillips Square on Friday evening.

  • University Bylaws on Student Eligibility Will Not Change, Concordia Senate Decides

    Two Proposals Affecting Rights of Student-Protesters Fail To Pass

    Two proposals—one by the university and the other by students—were raised to resolve a contentious university bylaw that prevents students from serving on Senate, the Board of Governors, and other Concordia bodies if they’ve been sanctioned under the school’s Code of Rights and Responsibilities within the past three years.