• Local Activist Wins Civil Suit Versus SPVM

    Court Sides With Jaggi Singh on Unjust Arrest

    A Quebec superior court judge has ordered two SPVM officers to pay $15,000 to well-known Montreal activist Jaggi Singh, following a nearly seven-year-long civil suit.

  • In Search Of Consequences

    Sexual Assault Survivor Still Waiting to Have Her Case Heard at Concordia Tribunal

    A Concordia student, who filed a complaint in March against her ex-boyfriend for allegedly assaulting her, could likely wait years before her case is heard by the university’s disciplinary body.

  • From Student To Federal Politics

    Former CSU President Wants to Bring Consent to the Forefront of Canadian Politics

    With five years of experience in student politics, Melissa Kate Wheeler, 25, is ready to make the leap to federal politics, running for the Green Party of Canada in the riding of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Westmount.

  • Call Him Doctor Now

    A Mohawk Leader Who Dedicated his Life to Community Receives Concordia’s Recognition

    It’s probable that Kenneth Deer’s phone rings often. “People ask for advice all the time,” he quips. One phone call last November, however, was not one he thought he would ever receive.     

  • #YouStink Hits Montreal

    Worldwide Movement Protests Trash Crisis Within Lebanon

    Several hundred people gathered at Place Vauquelin in Old Montreal on Sunday, in solidarity with Lebanon’s ongoing “#YouStink” movement.

  • Concordia Reviews Sexual Assault Policies to Strengthen Support for Survivors

    Working Group Recommends Mandatory and Voluntary Training

    Concordia University recommended new policies and procedures specifically for cases of sexual assault, including implementing use of the term “sexual violence” and voluntary training programs for certain groups like first-year residents, in a report released earlier today.

  • Refurbished Cabot Square Empowers Montreal Aboriginal Community

    Renovations for Downtown Hub Completed in July

    After renovations lasting over a year, Cabot Square, featuring a new Aboriginal-run cafe, reopened in the Shaughnessy Village area of downtown Montreal last month.

  • Reggie’s to Open in Late October, CUSACORP to Dissolve in Winter

    Council Approves Budget to Hire a General Manager and Other Expenses, Bar to Transition into a Not-For-Profit

    Students should have a newly renovated and redesigned bar and eatery on the downtown campus by late October, according to Concordia Student Union President Terry Wilkings.

  • A Rescue in the Fog

    Entanglement Rates for Whales Are Much Higher than Commonly Believed

    A dense early-morning fog set into St. Andrews’ harbour for a second consecutive day, making it difficult to see the end of the wharf from the shoreline.

  • ASFA Rebranded

    Who’s in Charge And What’s Being Done to Change Its Blighted Culture?

    The countdown to the annual orientation for first-year students, and the departure from its former “Frosh” moniker, could signal a shift from a hostile and unsafe environment revealed to the local community only last semester.