• Invisible No More

    A New Indigenous Women’s Bike Collective Takes to the Streets for Visibility

    Three students enjoy an arts and crafts session in the sun at the FOFA Garden as they bead strings—one goes over to her bike and ties a beaded string to its frame. Their mission for the afternoon is to bejewel their bikes and make themselves “Indi-Visible.”

  • McGill’s 15th Annual Pow Wow Pushes Powerful Message

    Canada’s Indigenous communities encourage Montrealers to stand with North Dakota

    “When we dance, we pray,” said 61-year-old Sedalia Kawennotas, an Elder Woman from Kahnawake Mohawk Territory. “Each and every step of these dancers is a prayer for North Dakota. It’s a prayer for our Sioux brothers and sisters—that their waters are safe, that the pipeline doesn’t go through.”

  • Marc Garneau Directly Addresses Citizens on Climate Change

    Public Consultation Opens Floor for Criticism of Federal Environment Policy

    The event drew sometimes sharp criticism of the Trudeau government’s approach to the environment, while some audience members took the time to express their gratitude for the consultation.

  • Despite Progress, Frigo Vert Still Not Fully Wheelchair Accessible

    Months After Reopening in a New Space There’s Still Work to be Done

    Since the move, the non-profit health food store has installed a ramp inside the space for wheelchairs, but Frigo Vert collective member Maria Forti said that there are “quite a few more things [Frigo Vert] could do.”

  • TRAC Negotiates New Pay Grades With Concordia

    Teaching Assistants Have Simplified Pay System, Members to Receive Retroactive Payment

    TRAC executives announced that Concordia agreed to increased, more uniformed pay grades at a general assembly on Wednesday night.

  • First Nations Activists Weigh in on Canada’s Climate Battle

    Talk Held at Concordia Opens Up Discussion on Resisting Climate Change

    “The reason why we’re having this event is because we believe that Indigenous communities are the people doing the most important work and have been doing so for many years,” said Sustainable Concordia External and Campaigns Coordinator, Isabella Harned. “We’re creating this space to listen, learn and follow.”

  • Concordia Establishes Response Team for Victims of Sexual Violence

    New University Policy Aims To Improve Support For Survivors Of Sexual Assault And Harassment

    The new sexual violence policy establishes a group known as the Sexual Assault Response Team which will quickly convene in the event of sexual violence on campus.

  • AVEQ General Coordinator Resigns

    A Deficit Is Also Expected

    Only three months after beginning his mandate, Association for the Voice of Education in Quebec, or AVEQ General Coordinator, Jean-René Leblanc Gadoury, has resigned due to personal reasons. Members found out about the resignation on Sept. 9.

  • Caribou Legs Runs for the Missing

    Gwich’in Man Journeys Across Canada for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

    Caribou Legs has spent the last few months running across Canada to honour and raise awareness about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Having begun in Vancouver in May, he stopped in Montreal on Friday, Sept. 9 for a conference at Concordia.

  • Homa Hoodfar: A Global Effort

    Academics Push for the Valued Concordia Scholar’s Release

    The conference, which was held at Concordia on Sept. 7, brought to light the great impact Hoodfar’s imprisonment had on her personal relationships, her fragile health, and the state of global academic freedom.