Noelle Didierjean

  • SPVM Officer Suspended for Allegations of Police Brutality During Maple Spring

    Second Officer Charged Awaiting Verdict

    “What bothered me about this incident is that it was targeted. This wasn’t a random baton or cloud of gas that happened to catch me. The officers saw me, saw what I was doing and made the decision to intervene anyway,”
  • CSU Discusses Hall Building Mezzanine Café Plans

    *Last semester Concordia students wondered if the referendum question mandating the Concordia Student Union to create a student-run Café in the Hall building’s mezzanine on a co-operative model would pass. Now that it has, the question faced by council is how to follow through.

  • Concordia, McGill Students Hold “Die-In” to Protest Fossil Fuel Investment

    A rally culminating in a “die-in” was held on Tuesday, April 1 in protest of Concordia and McGill University’s environmental policies.

  • Jane Goodall on Climate Change, Vegetarianism and Chimpanzees

    The Animal Welfare Leader Explains How Her Dog Rusty Taught Her One of Her Most Important Lessons

    The civil rights movement had Martin Luther King Jr., the feminist movement had Betty Friedan and the animal welfare movement has Jane Goodall.

  • CSU Council Denies Latest Attempt to Annul Per-Faculty Fee-Levy Question

    Fee-Levy Groups Had Sought to Overturn Judicial Board Verdict

    A motion to annul the Judicial Board’s decision to put the per-faculty fee-levy question to a referendum failed at a special Concordia Student Union council meeting Wednesday evening, despite the referendum question already being put to voters as of Tuesday.

  • Not For the Birds: Concordia Artist Madeleine Gendreau Turns Pigeon Carcasses Into Art

    When my friend and artist Madeleine Gendreau, a student of Fine Arts at Concordia, asked me to keep a look out for dead pigeons, I enthusiastically agreed.

  • #CSU2014: Teams Square Off in Election Debates

    3 Teams, 2 Independent Candidates Debate Student Space

    Turnout was high compared to past years at the Concordia Student Union’s election debates this week, with around 40 people coming to listen to the three teams and two independent candidates at the downtown campus Wednesday and roughly a dozen the following day at Loyola.

  • Police Brutality Protest Quickly Shut Down

    Nearly 300 Detained, Five Arrested

    Montreal police arrested five protesters and detained another 288 under municipal bylaw P-6 at the 18th annual demonstration against police brutality on Saturday, according to police spokesperson Jean-Pierre Brabant.

  • ECA Adopts “More Enforceable Ban” On Disrespectful Chants

    Council Creates School Spirit Committee to Oversee New Songbook Creation

    Following the controversy over “sexist, violent, and degrading” chants sometimes sung at engineering events, the Engineering and Computer Science Association created a Student Spirit Committee at its council meeting Monday night mandated to make a songbook “free of crudeness and obscenity.”

  • Teaching and Research Assistants Rally for a Contract

    Negotiations Ongoing Between Concordia and TRAC Union

    Despite an outside temperature of minus-16 degrees Celsius, Concordia teaching and research assistants assembled Monday morning to voice their concerns as negotiations for a new collective agreement continued between their union—Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia—and the university.

  • Looking at Society through a Philosophical Lens

    Charter of Values, Gentrification Among Topics Discussed at Three-Day Philopolis Conference

    The City of Saints became the City of Knowledge over the weekend when Montreal was home to Philopolis, an annual three-day conference that brings together members of the public as well as students and professors from Montreal’s four universities to discuss societal issues.

  • TRAC Mobilizes Strike Committee After Contract Demands Refused

    Union Set to Move Beyond Bargaining

    Union leaders say Concordia negotiators refused to acquiesce to the pay and benefit demands of the Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia at a bargaining session Feb. 11, leading to the creation of a strike committee to examine alternative forms of action at a general assembly Thursday night.

  • No to Making Green, Yes to Being Green

    Student Conference Concordia Transitions Discusses Ways to Improve Concordia’s Food System

    Members of the Concordia Food Coalition, the Concordia Greenhouse and the Concordia Student Union agree: Concordia needs a new food system, one centred not on financial profits, but rather on being committed to providing affordable and healthy food. The only question is: how to make it possible?

  • A Lukewarm Fest

    Totally worth it if you’ve never grinded outside during the middle of winter and are nearing Jack Nicholson-levels of cabin fever.

  • Lucia Kowaluk Talks Co-ops

    Order of Canada Recipient Brings Decades of Activism to Concordia

    With years of activism and successes opening co-operatives around Montreal under her belt, Order of Canada recipient Lucia Kowaluk gave some practical advice at Concordia for aspiring activists looking to bring about change in the world around them.

  • Little Progress for TRAC Union

    Members Discuss Possible Strike With Contract Negotiations Ongoing

    A general assembly for the Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia quickly became a hotbed of discontent and cries for action on Nov. 7 as members vocalized what they consider to be shortcomings in adequate compensation and a crawling pace of negotiations for a new labour contract.

  • Visiting Professor Examines China-Japan Tension

    Political Science Department Gives Talk on Senkaku Islands Dispute

    The dispute over sovereignty of the Senkaku Islands—and the gas deposits they give access to—came to Concordia on Oct. 31 in a talk sponsored by the Department of Political Science.

  • Voyeuristic Psychic Vampirism

    Dalibor Baric Hosts Retrospective of Experimental Animated Short Films

    The works of Croatian filmmaker Dalibor Baric cannot be easily ascribed a genre. Avant-garde, futuristic and experimental come to mind, but after watching a few of his short films, one would more readily believe that they belong in a bizarre category all their own.