Jonathan Summers

  • The Graduate Students’ Association Becomes a Circus

    Calling on Grad Students to End the GSA’s Downward Spiral

    The Graduate Students’ Association has enormous potential to unite students around common struggles and to represent their remarkable diversity.

  • Why We Sadly Shouldn’t March with Municipal Workers on Sept. 20

    Should we support strikers who oppressed us when we were striking?

  • Education Department Approves Move to Faubourg

    Long-anticipated Relocation Will Put Department in Controversial Building

    Concordia’s education department has voted “by a clear majority” to accept the university’s proposal to move the department to the fifth and sixth floors of the Faubourg Ste-Catherine shopping mall, according to education department chair Richard Schmid.

  • Concordia’s Exam Invigilators Want Better Working Conditions

    Invigilators Considering Unionization if Concerns Go Unaddressed

    As the semester winds down and students start thinking about their final exams, the people hired to supervise those exams want you to know that their job is no piece of cake either.

  • If the Webster Library Grows, the Education Department Has to Go

    Department Could Move to Faubourg as Library Unveils Plans for Expansion

    Concordia’s education department might have to leave the LB Building—and some members of the department are concerned about the space proposed for their relocation…

  • GSA Elects New Vice-Presidents

    General Assembly Sees Executive Committee Grow From 3 to 5

    Nine months after creating the positions, the Graduate Students’ Association finally filled the posts of VP Academic and Advocacy and VP Mobilization at a general assembly on Thursday.

  • Not Another Brick in the Wall

    Cinema Politica McGill Screens Documentary about Unorthodox Ex-Professor

    Seven years after being fired by McGill, Professor Norman Cornett returned to the university…

  • Bienvenue à la classe d’accueil

    ‘Welcome Classes’ Introduce Immigrant Children to French Language, Quebec Culture

    Picture a class of children each from a different corner of the globe. Some have been in the country for a few weeks, others several months. There may be two or three from one country or another but only one speaks Spanish, one Arabic, one Ewondo…

  • Deconstructing the Supposed Need For Austerity

    Economist Jim Stanford on Canada’s Deficit and Free Post-Secondary Education

    The belt-tightening ideology of austerity invoked by governments around the world to slash budgets “is more about politics than economics,” according to economist Jim Stanford, who was the guest of the Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia union on Nov. 19.

  • Hypocrisy, Not Integrity

    Climate Change “Rebel” Won’t Save Us from Global Warming

    On Nov. 11, Concordia’s Centre for Sustainable Enterprise welcomed Harvard professor Michael C. Jensen, and it looked like I had found one of a rare breed of moneymen who might not be part of the problem, but part of the solution.

  • GSA Holds First General Assembly of 2013-2014

    Graduate Students Discuss Bylaw Amendments, Fossil Fuel Divestment and Budget

    Concordia’s Graduate Students’ Association had money on its mind in its first general assembly of the school year last Friday—and apparently for too long.

  • CSU Co-Hosts Plateau Candidates’ Debate

    Green Spaces, Public Transit and Bylaw P-6 Among Topics Discussed Ahead of Municipal Election

    Candidates in the Plateau-Mont-Royal for the four major parties running in the Nov. 3 municipal election went head-to-head Thursday evening in a debate in front of about 80 students in the Hall Building’s D.B. Clarke Theatre.

  • Concordia Alum Running for Borough Mayor in Sud-Ouest

    Cindy Filiatrault on Development, Community Engagement and Working with Mélanie Joly

    “What we need as a community of Montrealers is an administration that we can recognize ourselves in and that we can trust.”

  • Concordia Student to Lead Quebec Green Party

    Alex Tyrrell on Breathing New Life into the Party Ahead of a Possible December Provincial Election

    Concordia student Alex Tyrrell is the province’s newest party leader after being elected head of the Green Party of Quebec on Sept. 21. Tyrrell, who is currently pursuing a degree in environmental science, is also by far the youngest party leader in Quebec at age 25.

  • Sustainable Concordia Grows With Fee Levy Funds

    General Meeting Highlights Upcoming Initiatives

    With triple the funding it had last year, Sustainable Concordia held a general meeting to approve a new budget of over $112,000 for the coming academic year.

  • Sasha Dyck Seeking Election to City Council in Park Ex

    30-Year-Old Concerned About New UdeM Campus and Housing

    Two years ago, Sasha Dyck got together with a group of neighbours to create Café…

  • Eat Your Way Through the City on the Cheap

    City Farm School Students Present Bite Me! Workshop on Good Montreal Food

    Whether you’re looking for a cheap and healthy meal downtown or a place to find fresh, organic produce in NDG, Joëlle Rondeau and Lucia Wong can help.