• Stinger Soccer Team Getting Back on Track

    Rookies, veterans and those still vying for spots on the men’s and women’s soccer teams enjoyed a successful and unprecedented string of pre-season games against Ontario conference opposition over the weekend at Concordia Stadium.

  • Concordia Football Underway

    Stingers Prep For Season, Hold Practice with CEGEP Teams

    The Stingers welcomed Vanier and FX Garneau’s college football teams to Concordia Stadium this past Saturday to kick off on-field training as part of its 2010 camp.

  • Team Experiences Mass Exodus

    After a highly successful 2009 season, Concordia’s baseball team learned it would go into the 2010 season without many of its veterans when training began earlier this month at Trudeau Park in Cote St. Luc.

  • Kabaddi Your Body

    Ancient Indian Sport Takes Tournament to LaSalle

    The wind silently blows sand off the turf as a barefooted, bare-chested and well-built man with arms spread wide, crouched low to the ground, faces four players of the opposing team in fierce competition.

  • Former Stingers Captain Moves to Coaching

    Bryan Bourbonnais Talks About His Transition

    After two years wearing the captain’s C on his uniform and five years playing for Concordia’s soccer team under coaches Lloyd Barker, Frank Bastien and Vladimir Pavlicik, Bryan Bourbonnais hung up the jersey and is now part of the coaching staff.

  • Of leaps and bounds

    The Olympic Park becomes prime real estate for parkour

    At first glance, parkour may seem like simply an adrenaline junkie’s fix for random sprints, gravity-defying leaps and a lust for imminent danger. The l’art du déplacement, as the physical discipline is known in its native France, is actually an elaborate exercise of body displacement with the goal of getting from point A to B as quickly as possible.

  • Starting fresh

    Concordia student proves his value with Impact Academy

    When Concordia student Hussein Awada left his home country of Lebanon for Montreal last December, he had at least two objectives in mind: finishing school and playing professional soccer. Within a month of his arrival, Awada was on his way to accomplishing both.